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Muslim wants those who insult Islam beheaded, prosecutor says case not about ‘mainstream Islam, a peaceful religion’

Because of course prosecutor Dan Pawson-Pounds knows far, far more about Islam than Ajmal Shahpal does.

In reality, Dan Pawson-Pounds doesn’t have the faintest idea what Islam teaches, but he knows that a case in which someone who called for the beheading of those who insult Islam is the defendant could easily get him charges of “Islamophobia,” and that would be professional death.

Meanwhile, did Ajmal Shahpal get banned from Twitter when he encouraged beheading for blasphemy? Or did that happen only when he got arrested? Were Twitter’s censors too busy shadowbanning and limiting the reach of opponents of jihad violence and Sharia oppression to take any notice of a benign fellow such as Ajmal?

“Terror suspect used Twitter account to glorify terrorist beheadings, court told,” by Matthew Cooper, Independent, March 8, 2023:

A Twitter user posted an image of a terrorism victim’s severed head, while encouraging others to decapitate anyone who insulted Islam, a terror trial jury has heard.

Ajmal Shahpal is alleged to have praised the killer of French school teacher Samuel Paty for being “as brave as a lion”, and lauded a terrorist who launched a 2020 attack near the former offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine as a “holy warrior”.

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court was told Shahpal, 41, also tweeted messages backing a Pakistan-based political party which supported the “out-of-hand murder of those who it thinks have committed blasphemy”.

Shahpal, from Nottingham, denies two counts of encouraging others to commit, prepare, or instigate acts of terrorism, and two alternative charges of the same offence being reckless as to whether such acts would be encouraged.

Opening the Crown’s case against Shahpal, prosecutor Dan Pawson-Pounds said: “This is a case about terrorism, that is the encouragement by this defendant of others to commit acts of terrorism.

“He did that by publishing tweets on his Twitter account which specifically encouraged others to behead those who he believed had insulted his religion, his religion being Islam.

“I hope that I hardly need say that this is not a case about mainstream Islam – a worldwide, peaceful religion with nearly two billion followers.

“The focus of this case is on the beliefs and the actions of the defendant, and others he was in contact with or referred to, that is part of that tiny, tiny minority of Muslims who have used religion to justify violence against others.”

Jurors were told Shahpal, originally from Kashmir, published tweets on his open account on September 26 2020, a day after Charlie Hebdo’s former office in Paris was targeted for a second time by Islamic extremist Zaheer Hassan Mehmood….



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