My Hero Academia cosplay captures Dabi’s final bow

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My Hero Academia’s Final Arc may have set the stage for its biggest battles to focus on the likes of Deku, Shigaraki, All Might, and All For One, but the Todoroki family reunion was something to remember. With the evil Dabi revealing himself to be Endeavor’s eldest son in the sixth season of the anime, the white villain unleashes a torrent of fire that may engulf the hero’s community. Unsurprisingly, cosplayers work their magic when it comes to bringing one of shounen’s biggest foes to life.

My Hero Academia Season 7 has already been confirmed and fans should prepare for continued fallout from the revelation that Dabi was a member of the Todoroki Clan the previous season. While the villains lost the supernatural war of liberation, Dabby’s announcement sent shockwaves through the hero community and threw a huge monkey wrench into how crime-fighters operate. With the general public losing much faith in both the UA Academy and the professional heroes, society is falling apart and Deku is going to have to do some serious work in keeping it together. With the events of the Final Arc in the manga, it has not been confirmed if Season 7 will be the last episode of the anime.

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When Dappy revealed his true identity, he also revealed that he was dying on his hair in order to keep his real name close to his chest. Toya Todoroki has been dyeing his white hair black in an attempt to ensure that his father and family will not be able to connect the dots after his apparent death earlier in his life. My Hero Academia Season 7, if the series continues to draw from the manga, will dive into how Dabi transformed into the current villain that he is.

Kohei Horikoshi, the manga responsible for creating the world of Deku, has been suffering from health issues recently which has led to a number of delays to his My Hero Academia manga. In a recent statement, the mangaka stated that he is looking forward to giving his all in the final stage. Based on what manga readers have seen so far, My Hero Academia is looking to go out on a bang with its final battles.

Do you think Dabby will survive the final My Hero Academia arc? Is it possible for Endeavor’s eldest son to find redemption? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.

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