“My Newborn Eats Every Hour, Nobody Told Me This About Motherhood” – Maraji Cries Out

You would recall that on April 21, 2022, Maraji received her first child, a baby boy, which she named Jayden Mensah.

The new mother uploaded a snapshot of her young kid being fed on Instagram, highlighting the difficulties of parenthood.

Maraji said her baby eats every hour and bemoaned the fact that no one told her this part of motherhood.

She wrote:

“Things I didn’t know about Motherhood. I’ll have to trade my sleep, babies want to be held all the time (so putting them down to sleep successfully is a skill), breeaaastfeeding makes you hungry and thirsty every time (especially these night feeds), and I’d smell like br*ast milk all day, my flat stomach will turn to a pouch, my niipppplles with hurt sometimes, newborns eat every 2 hours (mine eats every hour), I’d cry some nights cus of sleep deprivation, I’d love someone so much I’d do this every day”.

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In other news, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed that she has to distance herself from her former bestie, Bobrisky in order to keep her political ambitions alive and successful.

Tonto Dikeh told media personality, Daddy Freeze that her next step in life is politics, and she doesn’t want to go anywhere near Bobrisky because of the problems she’s had with him.

Tonto Dikeh went on to say that being linked to Bobrisky is “filthy,” and that she hopes this is the last time she runs commentary about him since it disgusts and irritates her to the point of wanting to rip off her skin.

So, in order for Bobrisky to continue her political career, all tales about her must be put to rest.

Watch the video below;



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