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N371,000 Disappears From Customer’s Piggyvest Account

N371,000 Disappears From Customer’s Piggyvest Account

On February 25th, Lawrence Eyenese, a resident of Bayelsa, was eagerly waiting in line to cast his vote when he received a distressing notification on his phone. He was shocked to discover that N371,000 had been debited from his Piggyvest account without his authorization. This sudden loss of funds hit him hard as he had been saving up for months to complete his master’s degree project. The incident left him feeling devastated and depressed.


In a bid to resolve the issue, Eyenese quickly contacted Piggyvest’s customer support team via email right from his polling unit. He provided a receipt of the transaction and explained his predicament, hoping for a swift resolution. However, Piggyvest’s team only assured him that they would investigate the matter and trace the recipient of the transaction.

Days turned into weeks, and there was still no word from Piggyvest on the status of the investigation. Eyenese’s anxiety and frustration grew as he was left in the dark with no resolution in sight. The incident not only affected his finances but also caused significant emotional distress and interrupted his academic pursuits.

As a precautionary measure, Eyenese has reviewed his account activity regularly to monitor for any unauthorized transactions or unusual activity. He has also changed his account password and taken additional measures to secure his account information.

The disappearance of Eyenese’s funds highlights the importance of financial security and the need for prompt and efficient resolution of customer complaints. Piggyvest must ensure that its customers’ concerns are addressed promptly and satisfactorily to maintain trust and build a loyal customer base.

According to Eyenese, he has had no positive outcome since he first reached out to Piggyvest about his missing funds in late February. He expressed disappointment in the way Piggyvest has handled his case, accusing the bank of treating his matter with indifference and not taking it seriously.

N371,000 Disappears From Customer's Piggyvest Account

Eyenese also recounted an incident where he called Piggyvest’s customer service to inquire about the refund of his funds. He claimed that the representative who answered his call abruptly hung up on him when he asked why the bank and its payment partner had not refunded his account. This experience left him feeling frustrated and disrespected.

He further stated that Piggyvest has been playing “hide and seek” with him, as they have not provided a concrete resolution to his issue. He questioned why it was taking their payment partner so long to track the funds and accused Piggyvest of causing him emotional distress, making it difficult for him to carry on with his MSc project.

Despite reaching out to Piggyvest several times, Eyenese has not received any satisfactory response from the bank. FIJ attempted to contact Piggyvest via email, but only received an automated message in response, leaving Eyenese with no resolution to his missing funds.

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