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Naira scarcity: NUP demands palliatives for pensioners


The Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) on Monday appealed to the Federal Government to consider payment of pensioners in cash to amelorate the sufferings the senior citizens go through.

According to a statement jointly signed by the President Comrade Godwin I. Abumisi and General Secretary, Elder Actor Zal, the union said the senior citizens are worst hit as they are turned to beggers.

“The NUP is drawing the attention of the Federal Government to the deplorable state of the endangered Nigeria pensioners who are worse hit by this obnoxious, faceless and dehumanising policy that has reduced the Senior Citizens to beggars in their fatherland.

“It is on the strength of this that the NUP as a Pressure Group and the true representative of the Nigeria pensioners wishes to strongly appeal that the Federal Government could do better to lessen this burden on the Senior Citizens by taking some temporary measures of paying the pensions of the pensioners in cash as well as according the pensioners priority and preferential treatment at their banks, ATM and POS paying points to avoid the endless long queues experienced at banks daily,” the statement said.

Speaking further, the NUP said, “This can be achieved by identifying and singling out the pensioners/Senior Citizens at every pay point and have them attended to immediately to avoid the incident of collapses of older persons at queue points as being experienced currently.

“Or alternatively, the Federal Government could urgently work out any palliative measures for these fragile, endangered species in order to ameliorate their living conditions.

“Suffice it to say the pensioners/Senior Citizens are the responsibility of the government and their welfare should therefore matter to her.

“A stitch in time saves nine. The Union shall deeply appreciate your urgent intervention so as to save the situation from degenerating into further chaos and or crisis.”

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