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Naira swap a plot to scuttle democracy, cause crisis – CSOs

The naira re-design is a policy foisted on Nigerians to scuttle democratic processes and cause crises to derail the system, the Joint Front of Civil Society Organisations of Nigeria (JFCSON) has said.

Speaking through its national president, Barnabas Bala Yock, JFCSON told journalists in Kaduna Friday that the Naira swap “is a harsh, inhuman and insensitive policy, which forms part of a dangerous plot aimed at causing chaos and unrest in Nigeria to ensure that the 2023 general elections fail to hold, while causing crises across the country.”

Yock said they had followed the issue since October when CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele, announced the policy and insisted on imposing “an unreasonable, unrealistic time frame of 30 days for the old naira notes to cease to be legal tender in total denial of the obvious national deficiency in the technological infrastructure for the process.”

The CSOs lampooned the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, for opposing the extension of the deadline, noting that it “shows that the policy makers are working in cahoots with the former vice-president.

“Atiku’s recent remarks opposing the extension of the deadline for the swap, and PDP’s challenge to Asiwaju’s patriotic intervention have confirmed that Atiku and the PDP are part of the dangerous collaboration to tamper with due democratic processes and bring about greater conflict to derail the system.

“We find it quite unfortunate, unbecoming, unforgivable and unacceptable for Atiku, who has spent most of his life asking Nigerians to trust him with leadership, to be among those encouraging policies that potentially affect negatively, the lives and livelihoods of the same people he seeks to rule.”



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