Native Doctor Spotted Preparing A Powerful Charm For A Nigerian Pastor

A video circulating on the internet shows a native doctor allegedly preparing charms for an unidentified Nigerian preacher.

According to reports, the native doctor was creating the charm ahead of the Pastor’s church’s debut on the 27th of an undisclosed month in Umunna, Orlu, Imo state.

While doing incantations, the spiritual expert or fetish priest as you may call him offered prayers that the Pastor’s church would attract a large crowd and signs and wonders would continue to occur.

He also pray to the god declaring that everyone who comes to church will be blessed and that they will bring others with them.

Nigerians have expressed their displeasure with the video, claiming that the two types of religion should not coexist, whilst others found no error in it.

Watch the video below;

Nigerians have reacted differently to the video; See a few below;

@billionaireafrica wrote; ‘There is really nothing wrong. This is called “igo ofo” for progress which is part of Igbo Spirituality. What seems contradictory here is the fact that the same people who demonize native doctors, now patronize them.

@chidoxflash wrote; ‘Is not new naw! See 78% of our pastors in Nigeria & most African countries got into church business like this. That is why most of their activities are pure ANTI – CHRIST

@culmeino wrote; ‘ Omo nawa o… Reason why I try to avoid the statement “God of this church or God of the pastor “ cause na only the pastor know the God behind his church o.

As long as I know the God I’m going to worship I just say my prayer directly to Baba Jesus.




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