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NBC Dateline: What Happened to Rachel Owens? Where is She Now?



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What Happened to Rachel Owens

What Happened to Rachel Owens? Where is Rachel Owens Now? – On the evening of December 18, 2014, Rachel Owens was shot in the event that was initially classified as a home invasion in Saco, Maine. She reportedly spent the night at the Chabots’ home while visiting her pals Steve and Carol. At least three shots were fired at Owens, 55, and one of them even caused fatal damage when it lodged in her head.

The inquiry into Rachel’s life with her husband, Gregory Owens, and the one he very neatly kept from her, generated some surprising conclusions with the help of the FBI. Later, it would come to light that her ex-military husband of 36 years was also living a parallel life as a mistress.

The upcoming episode of NBC Dateline, “The Intruder,” which will feature reporting by Andrea Canning, will explore Rachel Owens’ near-death experience and her miraculous recovery. If you want to learn more about Rachel Owens’ murder and her killer, keep reading.

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who is Rachel Owens

Who Was Rachel Owens and How Did She Die?

Gregory and Rachel Owens made their home in Londonderry, New Hampshire. She was suffering from health problems as a result of her dementia diagnosis. Carol Chabot, a friend of hers, came by to take her up on December 15, 2014, so she could spend a little time at her house. To spend time with Carol and her husband, Steve, Rachel flew to Saco, Maine. But only a few days later, a terrible occurrence completely altered everyone’s lives.

On December 18, 2014, at around 2:47 AM, a panicked Steve contacted 911 to report an intruder in his home. He pleaded with the cops to act quickly and said that both he and his wife, Rachel, had been shot. The shooter had fled before the cops came, but he hurt two individuals. Rachel was shot four times and struck three times, while Steve was shot three times. The 55-year-old woman was wounded in the arm, leg, and back of the head and was in critical condition at the time.

When Rachel was taken to the hospital, she was in terrible condition, and the medical staff initially didn’t believe she would survive. Rachel survived despite having brain damage and a bullet wound in her head. She had little memory of the shooting that night, though. As depicted in the episode, Rachel mentioned spending time with the Chabots before turning in. Apart from potentially observing the shooter wearing a Jamaican hat, she has no recollection of the incident.

That didn’t match Steve’s account of the attacker, who claimed to be all-black and wearing a ski mask. The authorities later met with Greg, who was at home in Londonderry, after gathering shot casings and other evidence from the area. After learning what had happened to Rachel, the veteran soldier’s husband was upset and claimed to have been at home all night working.

Following that, it was discovered that Greg had been living a double life for many years and had a relationship with Betsy Wandtke, an Oshkosh, Wisconsin, resident. Before the incident, Betsy overheard a phone call and got upset because she thought Greg wouldn’t divorce Rachel as he had promised. The police concluded, as a result, that Greg had the resources and the motivation to conduct the crime.

Although Greg insisted he was innocent, the authorities kept uncovering evidence connecting him to the assault. They found the identical bullets used in the crime in Greg’s house in addition to DNA evidence from the site that matched him. It didn’t take the jury long to conclude that Greg was responsible for the attempted murder when combined with other circumstantial evidence and his secret existence. He was consequently sentenced to life in prison.

where is Rachel Owens now

Where is Rachel Owens Today?

After the surgery, Rachel had a difficult recuperation process, but her son Wayne was a great support and was with her the entire time. She provided testimony in February 2016 at Greg’s trial. She mentioned how she generally required assistance and found it challenging to perform even simple tasks like opening a bottle or an envelope. Rachel went in with Wayne and his family in Rhode Island after the tragedy, and she also spent around four years living with her brother.

The family realized that Rachel needed substantial medical attention and help, which couldn’t have been provided at home, over time. She was moved into an assisted living facility in May 2018, with professionals continually attending to her needs. The family reported that Rachel was doing well and loved her time with the locals.

Rachel was optimistic despite everything she had been through and looked forward to living her life and spending time with her grandchildren. For the time being, it appears that Rachel continues to reside at a care facility in Rhode Island, where she receives frequent visits from relatives.

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