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NBC Dateline: Where is Rachel Owens’ Son Wayne Owens Now?



Who is Wayne Owens

Where is Rachel Owens’ Son Wayne Owens Now? – The 2014 allegations of a house invasion and attempted murder against Rachel Owens in Saco, Maine, unveiled a web of lies that her husband, Gregory Owens, had constructed to conceal his double life and five-year affair. Secrets began to emerge, and numerous people were caught in what appeared to be a convoluted love triangle.

This Friday’s broadcast of NBC Dateline episode “The Intruder” will focus on their story, with Andrea Canning providing in-depth reporting. The Intruder, the episode’s working title, will debut on August 19 at 10 p.m. ET.

A typical life appeared to be being led by the Londonderry, New Hampshire, couple until the wife was brutally shot while visiting her friends in Saco. Both victims, Rachel Owens and Steve Chabot, who were allegedly shot during the attack, lived, but it is believed that Rachel Owens still has a bullet lodged in her skull.

Rachel’s 36-year-old husband, Gregg, was convicted during the trial and is now incarcerated for the rest of his life. What were his motivations for attacking the lady he professed to love?

Rachel recovered despite suffering severe wounds, to the relief of her son, Wayne Owens. He was interviewed for the program and described his memories of the incident and his feelings upon realizing that his father, Gregory Owens, was to blame. So if you want to know more about Rachel Owens’ Son Wayne Owens, keep reading.

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Where is Wayne Owens Today

Wayne Owens: Who is He?

Gregory and Rachel Owens gave birth to Wayne Owens. He spent his childhood moving between military bases worldwide because his father served in the Army. Wayne expressed on the program how much he valued the opportunity to travel and arrange vacations with his parents. Greg eventually retired and started working in the business world, and the family relocated to Londonderry, New Hampshire. But the attack on Rachel at her friend’s home in Saco, Maine, one night in December 2014 shocked the Owens family.

Rachel suffered severe wounds after being shot three times, one in the head. After learning about the incident and making the approximately three-hour drive to the hospital, Wayne recalled having a lot of things running through his head. Wayne was concerned when Rachel was admitted to the ICU due to her serious condition. After extensive surgery, Rachel’s vital signs stabilized, and the surgeons chose to leave the bullet in her head. Wayne was relieved and continued to visit the hospital frequently to visit his mother and aid in her recovery.

The authorities searched for the shooter’s identity in the interim. The investigation results shocked Wayne and Rachel since they suggested Greg was to blame. For the last few years, Greg had been having an affair with Betsy Wandtke, and when his girlfriend challenged him about divorcing Rachel, his secret life finally caught up with him. According to sources, it resulted in the shooting, with direct and indirect evidence pointing to Greg. In the program, Wayne expressed his inability to comprehend that truth and his feeling of having been in denial for a considerable amount of time.

Where is Rachel Owens’ Son Wayne Owens Now

What Happened to Wayne Owens and Where Is He Now?

In the end, Greg Owens received a life sentence for the shooting. Following the verdict, Wayne spoke about his father, branding him a monster and a narcissist for refusing to accept responsibility for his deeds. “I think he deserves it very much for what he’s done,” he continued. Due to my current state of happiness, words definitely fall short in describing how I feel. But I’m also depressed right now.

After Rachel was discharged from the hospital, she briefly resided in Rhode Island with Wayne and his family. Over time, however, his inability to properly care for his mother while maintaining a full-time job resulted in her being moved into an assisted living facility.

Her condition improved, as a result, so it was a wise choice. The expensive expense of care was another issue Wayne and his family had to deal with, so they hoped a state-funded bed would become available soon. Wayne currently resides in Lincoln, Rhode Island, with his family. The ex-Army soldier is now employed by a business that makes traffic control equipment as a network systems engineer. He has a daughter and a son, and as of November 2020, they were expecting a third child. He is happily married.

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