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Netflix drops lawsuit against Bridgerton Musical Creators

After it went viral on Tiktok, the authors of “Unofficial Bridgerton Musical” were sued by Netflix earlier this summer, but that’s now over before the courtroom can be seen. according to diverseNetflix has dropped its lawsuit against creators Emily Bear and Abigail Barlow, and filed a notice in court dismissing it. The trade reveals that sources indicate that the lawsuit has already been settled, but an amount has not been disclosed. After creating the Phenomana on social media, the pair eventually released an entire album to stream on Spotify and then started live shows, selling tickets for over $150, which time Netflix engaged lawyers.

Originally, Netflix showed some support for the pair and his musical endeavors, Twitter: “Absolutely stunned Bridgerton’s musical on TikTok. A standing ovation..” Eventually, but the pair expanded on the idea into new areas, going beyond just silly fun online. as such Bridgeton Former series creator Shonda Rhimes said: “What started as a fun celebration of Barlow & Bear on social media has turned into a blatant appropriation of intellectual property for the financial benefit of Barlow & Bear only. This property was created by Julia Quinn and brought to life on screen. Through the hard work of countless individuals. Just as Barlow & Bear did not allow others to allocate their IP address for profit, Netflix cannot stand aside and allow Barlow & Bear to do the same to “Bridgerton.”

At the time they filed the lawsuit, Netflix indicated that they were objecting to how the couple could create “multiple revenue streams for themselves without official permission,” largely using Netflix’s intellectual property and revealed that they “refused to cooperate” despite the operator’s interest. in working with them.

For a streaming device that seems to cancel shows without a second thought, Bridgeton It was actually one of their biggest success stories with the first two seasons among the highest rated TV shows of all time. The success of Julia Quinn’s adaptation has already led to a revamp of the series through the fourth season, with the prequel series, Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton StoryIt is also scheduled to be launched soon.

Netflix has also expanded its Bridgerton footprint into the live events arena, another major reason why it was so quick to sue “Unofficial Bridgerton Musical” because it may have violated its own plans for in-person ticket-based events.

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