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Netherlands Temporarily Suspends Restrictions on Family Reunions

The Dutch government has said that it has decided to temporarily suspend the restrictions on family reunions for asylum seekers that had already been granted residency in the country.

Announcing the news, the Dutch State Secretary for Justice and Security, Eric van der Burg, said on January 11, that the restrictions introduced back in 2022 will remain suspended until the Dutch administrative courts issue a final decision on the matter, reports.

Info Migrants explains that the government of the Netherlands has ruled that family members of asylum seekers that have been granted residency will no longer be required to wait for a period of at least 15 months before being able to join their relative in the Netherlands.

Moreover, the same noted that family members will be allowed to reach the country only if their relatives prove that they have adequate housing.

The Netherlands imposed restrictions on family reunions in August 2022 as the country was facing a housing crisis and was dealing with a high number of asylum seekers in its centres. Back then, hundreds of asylum seekers slept outside due to the lack of facilities as well as beds, which raised concerns.

Taking into account the situation that was taking place back then, the government said that they should take care of the asylum seekers that were already in the country and then carry on with family reunions.

However, now that the restrictions have been lifted Dutch courts ruled that family reunions should continue, Info Migrants notes.

Previously, reported that the population in the Netherlands is expected to increase significantly in the next years, partially due to immigration.

Statistics Netherlands announced in December that the population in the country is anticipated to reach around 20.7 million in 2070, stressing that the 18-million mark may be hit in 2024.

According to Statistics Netherlands, such a drastic increase will be linked to migration and the same stressed that it will be characterised by increased longevity as around a quarter of the population will consist of citizens over the age of 65 by 2024.

The population in the Netherlands increased by 111,000 in 2022 and it was forecasted that the population growth will be slower in the next five years.

In addition to the above mentioned, it was stressed that the population rates are not expected to increase only due to immigration, but also due to the high number of births that will exceed mortality rates.

Data has shown that lifespan in the Netherlands will also increase in the next years as more people will immigrate than emigrate.



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