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Netizens divided over Joshua Bassett’s Christianity claims

Joshua Bassett is making headlines for sharing his spiritual journey with fans. Moreover, he also revealed his three encounters with Jesus.

Here is everything you need to know.

Joshua Bassett’s religion drama explained 

Joshua Bassett took to Instagram on 29th January Sunday evening to share three stories where he talked about his visit to church. 

Moreover, he said that he asked God to give him a sign to confirm that Jesus is certain and that he is the only way.

In addition, Bassett explained that two people came up behind him and prayed for him soon after he made the prayer.

He wrote, ‘The experiences were richer and more vivid than anything in my entire life. I look forward to speaking about it soon.’

Additionally, he continued, ‘For those concerned about me, be sure of this: I’m better than I have ever been. The peace I feel is far beyond what I thought was possible.’

Meanwhile, his recent post comes three weeks after he tweeted that ‘Jesus Christ is the only way.’

Fans were left confused when Bassett shared the tweet and went on to speculate that his account might have been hacked. 

However, following the 22-year-old star’s recent post, they certainly have received their clarification from Bassett.

Besides that, Bassett is an American actor who is recognized for his performance in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. He acts as the main lead Ricky Bowen in the Disney series. Subsequently, he is also a singer and a songwriter.

Fans react to Joshua Bassett’s religious stories

Internet users were left baffled by Joshua Bassett’s sudden devotion to Christianity especially since he supports the LGBTQ+ community.

Furthermore, many fans also took to their respective social media handles to share their take on Bassett’s recent religious claims.

A user wrote, ‘I just want to know what happened to Joshua basset to become so Christian.’

Another one chimed in to say, ‘Like go Joshua Bassett for being religious, but like it’s so weird how it’s happening.’

Someone else penned, ‘I’m all for people exploring religion and finding the one that works for them but the way Joshua Bassett is doing it is so cryptic.’

However, most of the netizens went on to defend Bassett as he had already reassured fans by claiming he is doing fine.

A different fan shared, ‘I’m not even religious but people are just acting like something is wrong when this is normal.’



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