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Netizens React To Kanye West Posts Image Of Swastika Inside The Star Of David On Twitter

Several hours after expressing admiration for the Third Reich and its leader, Kanye West posted a photoshopped version of the Swastika inside the Star of David on Twitter. A few hours earlier, the rapper appeared with Holocaust denier and White nationalist Nick Fuentes on Alex Jones’s show. Last week, the duo enjoyed dinner at the Mar-a-Lago home and resort of former President Donald Trump. Anti-Semitism has been on the rise since West and Fuentes shared an anti-Semitic dinner that Trump reportedly raged at being blindsided by. After walking out of Tim Pool’s podcast earlier in the week, West gave Jones plenty of airtime.

Nazis are, as, somewhat cool, West told Jones during an off-the-rails hours-long interview in which he wore a mask over his whole head. He likewise professed his affection for the Jewish people- and for Adolf Hitler. Soon after 9:30 p.m., West took to his Twitter page in a clear effort to accommodate his love for both Jews and the group liable for killing a huge number of them during WWII. He likewise advanced his 2024 bid for the White House. YE24 LOVE Everybody, West composed. He incorporated the tag “#LOVESPEECH.” He posted a picture of the swastika decorated inside a Star of David, probably trying to show solidarity among Jews and Nazis – which doesn’t and never can exist.

Kanye West Shares An Image Of Swastika Symbol Inside The Star Of David On His Official Twitter Account

On his official Twitter account, Kanye West posted a picture of a swastika and the Star of David intertwined. During his most recent InfoWars podcast appearance, the controversial rapper said he “liked” Hitler. Social media users have since expressed their anger over Ye’s antisemitic statements. A number of social media platforms have been used by Kanye West to promote his presidential run in 2024. As part of his post, he included an image of the Nazi’s swastika symbol inside the Star of David. Jewish identity is symbolized by the latter for those who are unaware. The tweet also included the hashtag “LOVESPEECH” and the message “YE24 LOVE EVERYONE.”. Adobe Photoshop appeared to have been used to create the image.

The designer of Yeezy appeared to be promoting antisemitism on the internet, but internet users did not show support for him. A number of netizens expressed concern regarding the singer’s influence on young people and fired endless shots at him. His profile was also removed from Twitter almost an hour after the disturbing image was posted. Social media users condemned his actions, with Instagram page StopAntisemitism tweeting: Horrifying- a swastika embedded within a Jewish star. Is it necessary for Kanye West to physically hurt a Jewish person before @elonmusk acts? one user wrote. In a series of tweets after posting the disturbing image, he continued to show support for Balenciaga, the now-shuttered fashion house.

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