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Netizens Share Hilarious ‘Goblin Mode’ Memes After Oxford Announced Word Of The Year 2022

The word of the year for 2022 by Oxford has been announced and it’s “Goblin Mode”. Well, post the announcement of the word, social media is flooded with memes, and internet users are trying to explain the word “Goblin Mode” in their own way. So, what is the word of the year for 2022 “Goblin Mode” all about?

Read ahead to know more about Oxford word of the year for 2022 “Goblin Mode” and its meaning.

Oxford announced word of the year for 2022 as “Goblin Mode”

Like every year, even for 2022 Oxford has come up with its word of the year. Which is “Goblin Mode” and people are trying to know more about this word and its meaning. Every time Oxford word of the year is chosen by voting from the public.

For even “Goblin Mode”, the voting for the word of the year by Oxford involved around votes from 300k people. While definitely it has its own meaning and everyone is trying to find that out. So, what is the term “Goblin Mode” all about?

What does “Goblin Mode” stands for?

For all those confused over the word “Goblin Mode”. It may be used as a slang term meaning self-indulgent, lazy, greedy, and so on. The best you can refer to the word is it reflecting ethos, mood, and something like connecting to the past.

The word hasn’t appeared new as it was there on Twitter since 2009. While now in 2022 it is trending more. Post the pandemic we are definitely having it finding its place on the internet. Some of the popular stories have used the word. Though now we have some users trending the word with memes.

Funny memes trend as “Goblin Mode” becomes 2022 word of the year

As soon as Oxford came up with “Goblin Mode” as its word of the year for 2022. Memes have been going viral on social media talking about the word. In fact, some of the memes even trended the picture of the goblin creatures to explain the meaning. Despite the creature not having any relevance with the word of the year by Oxford.

Meanwhile, one of the stories on The Guardian used the word narrating “Goblin mode is like you wake up at 2 am and shuffle into the kitchen wearing nothing but a long t-shirt to make a weird snack, like melted cheese on saltiness”.

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