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‘New Girl’ Star Jake Johnson Thinks Jess Day and Nick Miller Are Totally Still Together

When New Girl ended in 2018, fans saw a satisfying conclusion. After season after season of near romantic misses, the show’s three main couples were together and happy. Jessica Day and Nick Miller were the last of the group to figure it out, but Jake Johnson, the actor who played Nick Miller for all seven seasons, thinks Nick and Jess made it last long after the final episode of New Girl.

Jake Johnson has thoughts on where Nick and Jess are today 

Jake Johnson thinks Nick and Jess are still together. The famed actor appeared on a panel at SXSW and happily discussed where his character would be today. According to IndieWire, Johnson is confident that Nick and Jess would be just as blissfully happy today as they were when the show ended in May 2018. 



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