New Motorola Razr 50 series images show us different color options

Motorola Razr 50 Ultra color options leak featured


The Motorola Razr 50 series will launch on June 25. Motorola will host both an event in China and a global event on said date. As we’re waiting for that to happen, some new Motorola Razr 50 series images popped up, showing us different color options.

The Motorola Razr 50 series color options get shown via seemingly-official images

Two new images dropped, one for the Razr 50, and the other for the Razr 50 Ultra. As you can see, in the gallery below the article, different colors of each phone are shown here.

As reported earlier, the Motorola Razr 50 is coming in Gray, Orange and Sand colors. The Motorola Razr 50 Ultra, on the flip side, will arrive in Blue, Green, and Peach variants.

We get to see two out of three colors for each phone here. That green Motorola Razr 50 Ultra model looks especially good in our eyes, it’s nice to see a bit of variety when it comes to colors.

The two phones will look very similar, with one glaring difference

You’ll notice that the two phones look very similar. The ‘Ultra’ model has less of a bezel around the cover display, its cover display is larger overall. Other than that, you’d have problems seeing the difference between them.

Both phones will have a foldable display with a centered display camera hole at the top. Main cameras will be placed inside the cover display, basically, and the same goes for an LED flash.

Motorola’s ‘Ultra’ Razr handset will be more powerful, of course

The Motorola Razr 50 Ultra will be the more powerful phone of the two. It will ship with the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 SoC, Qualcomm’s brand new chip. Two 50-megapixel cameras are also expected, and a 6.9-inch main display. The cover display will measure 4 inches.

The Motorola Razr 50, on the flip side, is said to come with the MediaTek Dimensity 7300X chip. It will have a 50-megapixel main camera and a 13-megapixel ultrawide unit. Its cover display will be a bit smaller at 3.6 inches.