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New Prey Poster Recreates Predator Movie Prequel’s Epic Final Fight & More News



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Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Prey.

As the film continues to score acclaim, a new Prey poster recreates the Predator movie prequel’s epic final fight. The latest installment in the sci-fi action franchise is set 300 years in the pat and centers on Naru, a fierce Comanche woman trained as a healer who is eager to prove herself as a warrior in the eyes of her tribe. When her people are put in danger with the arrival of the Predator, the first-ever to visit Earth, Naru must rise up and utilize her skills to take it down and save her family and friends.


Prey is comprised almost entirely of an Indigenous cast led by Legion star Amber Midthunder as Naru alongside Dakota Beavers, Michelle Thrush, Stormee Kipp, Julian Black Antelope, Bennett Taylor and Dane DiLiegro as the Predator. Helmed by 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s Dan Trachtenberg on a story he developed with Patrick Aison, the Predator movie prequel has scored widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike for Midthunder’s performance, the accurate cultural representation and its stylish action sequences. While the film continues to dominate viewership on Hulu, audiences are getting a unique twist on one of Prey‘s most iconic sequences.

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Two weeks after the film first hit Hulu, artist Matt Ferguson took to Twitter to reveal a new Prey poster commissioned by 20th Century Studios. The key art recreates the Predator movie prequel’s epic final fight as Amber Midthunder’s Naru faces off against Yautja, the first of the iconic alien hunter race to visit the planet Earth. Check out the exciting new poster below:

Though Prey was full of thrilling set pieces for longtime fans of the franchise, the final fight in the Predator movie prequel has largely been praised as one of its best, as well as one of the best in the long-running sci-fi action series. After having lost her entire group, including her brother, and sacrificing the leader of the French fur traders, Naru came up with a plan to face off against the Predator for one final go. The new Prey poster expertly recreates the middle portion of the Predator movie prequel’s epic final fight, in which Naru and her dog, Sarii, fight the creature in the middle of the woods, narrowly stealing its mask and using it to turn its spear gun on itself, killing the Predator.

Between the Predator movie prequel’s epic final fight and its return to form for the franchise, Prey proved to be a surprise hit, becoming the most-watched premiere across all movies and shows on Hulu. With this newfound success for the franchise, many are hopeful for the Predator series to continue, especially after its mid-credits tease of another major face-off between Naru and the Predators. While audiences await details on a potential sequel, they can revist Prey and the Predator movie prequel’s epic final fight streaming on Hulu now.

Source: Matt Ferguson/Twitter

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