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New Short Film in Dug Days Series Has Carl Going On a Date

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For those who have been enjoying the cute and charming Disney series Dug Days (2021), and are eager for more adventures with the lovable golden retriever, we’ll soon be in luck. Per a report from PopSugar, Disney has announced the next short film in the series, and judging by its title it’s going to be an especially meaningful one. Called “Carl’s Date”, the new short film episode will premiere on February 10th on Disney+, appropriately just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Dug Days is a small, short film series created and written by Bob Peterson, who also voices its four-legged main character Dug, the beloved golden retriever from the original feature film Up (2009). First premiering back in late 2021, the series picks up immediately after the events of Up, and focuses on Dug and his adventures with two familiar faces: his new owner Carl Fredericksen (Ed Asner) and Wilderness Explorer extraordinaire Russell (Jordan Nagai). Currently up to five episodic short films, the newest is to be called “Carl’s Date”, which as it hints will focus on Carl embarking on a whole new kind of adventure – dating. It will be his first date since the death of his wife, Ellie, whom he was married to most of his life. Without a doubt it will be the most emotional episode yet, with fans hoping that widower Carl will be able to find new love, something that Ellie would certainly wish for him as well.

The series also emotionally marks the first return to the world of Up since the passing of Ed Asner in August 2021 at 91 years old. He voiced Carl in the original film as well as all currently released episodes of Dug Days. It’s still uncertain if he worked on the “Carl’s Date” episode as well, or if he was recast. Much of the final animation and voiceover work was done remotely during the pandemic, so it remains to be seen if Asner will shine once more in this new episode.

Dug Days is currently streaming exclusively on Disney+ and the trailer for the series can be viewed below, for any who would like to catch up before Carl’s big date.

Bob Peterson has been a household name at Pixar Animation long before his Dug days. He was first hired by the studio back in 1994 as an animator for commercials before being catapulted straight into production on Pixar’s first major feature film, Toy Story (1995). From there, Peterson went on to juggle work as both a voice actor and a writer for Pixar for many years to come. He voiced Geri in the memorable chess animated short Geri’s Game (1997), Roz in both Monsters Inc (2003) and Monsters University (2013), Mr. Ray in both Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016) and of course Dug in Up (2009), which he also co-wrote.

Peterson has worked on the overwhelming majority of Pixar’s film portfolio in one capacity or another, and his passion for animation and the near-limitless creative possibilities it gives to tell amazing stories shows vibrantly in his work. However, with Pixar currently on the ropes in terms of box office success, we can only hope that he’ll continue to supply the magic that’s brought every one of the studio’s films to life, and give future projects the spark they need.



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