Nigeria leads world in increasing rate of burger consumption

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Nigeria has taken the biggest percentage leap in burger consumption globally.

Glovo, a multi-category delivery App, says that compared to 2021, burger consumption in Nigeria grew by 4,928 per cent in 2022, the biggest increase globally.

Lorenzo Mayol, general manager, Glovo Nigeria, made the declaration in a report on Wednesday in Lagos to commemorate International Burger Day.

Providing trends and insights into burger consumption in Nigeria, Mr Mayol stated that beef, chicken and suya-flavoured burgers were the favourites in Nigeria.

He said burgers are a lunch option for Nigerians, as about 50 per cent of daily consumption of burgers is ordered between noon and 3:00 p.m., with the peak time at 2:00 p.m.

“Insights revealed that in this same time slot, 88 per cent more burgers were delivered in Nigeria than the global average.

“They are fast, inexpensive, and tasty, and it is no surprise that the average consumption growth rate in Nigeria is the highest globally at 4,928 per cent.

“This highlights the exponential rise in the popularity of burgers in Nigeria,” he said.

Providing further insights, Mr Mayol added that Nigerians consumed burgers the most on Wednesdays.

He added that December had also been the month for the highest consumption rate, which could be attributable to the festive season.

He added that Lagos state ranked first in cities where most burger units were delivered in 2022, with Lagos Mainland and Island representing 50 per cent and 38 per cent, respectively.

“In Nigeria, the weekend (Friday-Sunday) accounts for 39 per cent of burger consumption.

“This is interesting as it is just the opposite of the overall global trend where the highest consumption (51 per cent) is concentrated at the weekend, especially on Sundays.

“Partners who delivered the most burgers in 2022 include Sweet Sensation, Chicken Republic, KFC, Suya Brothers, Boga Masta, Kobis and Sooyah Bistro.

“Globally, Glovo delivered more than 70 million burgers in 2022,’’ Mr Mayol stated. 


Source: GazetteNGR