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Nigerian lady cries out after losing one of her eyes during relationship with partner (Video)

A Nigerian lady has lamented bitterly on social media after losing one of her eyes while dating her partner.

In the video, she was seen with an eye injury while giving advice to the public using herself as a case study.

She warned couples to leave their relationship once it starts getting toxic for them.


She added that no one should wait until they get beaten up and lose an eye just like her before they leave their relationship.

In her words:

If your relationship is toxic, please Leave. Don’t wait until it reaches this stage!”

Reacting to the video, faleedat_ said: “Why you go even wait make e reach this stage? The first time he raises his hands on you,raise your own hands on him too then leave!!! Don’t cry, don’t beg…Ahhh”

Watch the video below:



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