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Nigerian man shares experience with passenger who asked him to wake her at her bus stop

A Nigerian man has shared his experience after boarding a BRT bus to a particular location in Lagos state.

According to him, he got tackled by a passenger who had earlier begged him to wake her up at Leventis, one of the bus stops before final destination. However, he also slept off and couldn’t wake her.

The Twitter user, Lola Okunrin said the lady couldn’t hold herself back as she looked at him like a culprit but he fired the same look as they were both guilty of forgetting their bus stops.

The tweet read:

“The lady beside me inside BRT begged me to wake her up at Leventis before sleeping. I said “No lele.” We both woke up at TBS shouting “Haa TBS.”

“Aunty gave me bad look but mo fi oju ko mole pada. You slept, I slept. A o jo sun moju ni ke gbe oju oshi yin lo. 😡.”

Reacting to this, Silvanus said, “This is so me, anytime I’m travelling on Oyo-Ogbomoso road, and i have the opportunity to sit where there is head rest. Oorun yí a kàn gbé mi lọọ. Until we get to Ogb. and someone want to sọ̀kalẹ̀🤣 It is God that keep us on the road {i must say}.”

Raliat said, “She suppose grab you for neck, that aunty trusted you with her busstop ni now 😂 but she no know say you are her fellow Jonah 😂.”

See Tweet below:



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