Nigerian Woman Suffering From ‘Stomach Pains’ Seeks Handsome Male Doctor To “Inject Her Every Midnight Till She Recovers”

She revealed that she has been in pain for days and would need the doctor to inject her between 12 am to 4 am for six months.

“Pls house ur sister and ur friend need ur assistance oo. l have not been feeling ok for almost a week now. l had consulted about six doctors d same thing dey said. d pain is too much. stomach pains day and night,” she wrote on Facebook today.

“They all said l needed a male doctor dat can inject me every midnight. btw 12am to 4am for at least 3month. pls ,pls, and pls house is there anyone dat can volunteer himself. l mean a male(guy handsome huge cute) dat can inject a lady like me till l get well.for Just 6month.den we move to next level“

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