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Night Court Fans Were In For A Sweet Surprise With Wendie Malick's Appearance On The Reboot

Fans quickly took to social media after Wendie Malick’s appearance on “Night Court,” with many very excited about the star’s part. Twitter user @cellytron tweeted that Malick and show star John Larroquette were arguably the most charming and attractive people in the history of NBC. Another user, @Odudas1, claimed to be “hate-watching” the new “Night Court” series, but was excited to see Malick’s appearance as a fan of her role on “The Owl House.”

Meanwhile, @TVAddict617 praised her acting on the show, saying, “Wendie Malick was kinda great being criminally insane with a 30 yr old revenge plan.” Even the show’s writers had a hard time containing their excitement at having the long-time character actor on the show. Series writer Shawn Parikh tweeted about his excitement right before the episode aired, saying, “I don’t even have to tell you how in awe I was.”

Malick ends up failing to complete her revenge plot against Dan as he is now a sad, older widower who hasn’t been on a date in decades and finds himself unable to go through with sleeping with the eager Julianne. Afterward, Malick confesses her plan to Dan and leaves without getting a chance to get back at the prosecutor who sent her to jail. Given that her plans were never completed, there’s still a possibility of Julianne coming back at some point in the show, giving the fans even more to cheer about.



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