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Nintendo Switch game Kana Quest wants to help you learn Japanese

There are all sorts of games and unique ways to help you learn Japanese (and other languages), and one of the latest ways to do it on Nintendo Switch is a game called Kana Quest. The game is also available on PC via Steam (it launched on Steam March 12), so you could in theory play this on your Steam Deck if you have one. Provided it works, as it may not be compatible with the Deck yet.

But if you have a Nintendo Switch, you can play Kana Quest on the go without worry of incompatibility. Kana Quest comes from Whitehorn games, the same publisher behind beloved titles like Calico, Lake, Wytchwood, Onsen Master and more. Like those other titles, this is definitely more of a low-stress, casual gaming experience. It mixes puzzle solving with educational learning, so, pretty low-stress. The goal is to match the Kana tiles with their corresponding sounds.

It’ll probably take some getting used to at first. But the more you play and practice, the more likely you are to start learning. Realistically, this isn’t likely to help you learn Japanese fully. At least not how to speak it, let alone speak it fluently. It should however, help you learn how to read Katakana and Hiragana. And you can use that in conjunction with other learning tools to bolster your knowledge of the language. Plus, let’s be honest, the game looks fun.

Kana Quest lands on Nintendo Switch for $15

For $15, Kana Quest is a pretty inexpensive game. And if learning how to read Japanese is something you’ve been interested in, why not attempt to do so in a fun way? The game doesn’t have any pop quizzes for players which the developers say is intended. This way it helps people learn in a fun and interactive environment.

You can also swap between Katakana and Hiragana at your leisure. As for game longevity and replay value, Kana Quest features more than 300 puzzles for you to solve. Plus 13 different world backgrounds to keep things aesthetically pleasing. You can check out a trailer for Kana Quest above, and grab it for yourself in the Nintendo eShop.



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