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NIPOST introduces e-commerce, other digital services



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The Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST, says it has introduced new products and services for effective service delivery in the country.

...master-General, NIPOST, Ismail Adewusi, disclosed this on Friday, at the ongoing 33rd Enugu International Trade Fair in Enugu.

Represented by the Director of Marketing, NIPOST, Ijeoma Onuekwusi, Adewusi said the services were introduced in line with the global best practices to serve their numerous customers better.

He said that aside the traditional way of service delivery, NIPOST had evolved new and improved service delivery such as financial services, E-commerce and logistics.

“These financial services help individuals, institutions and corporate bodies to send money locally and internationally while E- commerce allows customers to move their household items,” he explained.

He stressed that the introduction of SpeedAF,  using trucks had helped in evacuation of large mails, adding that the truck usually transported up to 10 to 20 tons of mails at a time.

According to him, NIPOST is diversifying its products and services to bring in better services and ensure customer satisfaction.

“NIPOST has changed from analogue to digital services to enhance its performance. We now track and trace our products when we send them out through digital means.

“And we are at the fair to let Nigerians know that NIPOST is still in existence with different products and services as well as creating awareness on them,” he said.

...master-general said, “With the new products and services, the patronage has doubled”.

Mrs Adewusi further explained that a property development company would help NIPOST harness and control its property scattered all over the country, saying there were some of their property people had taken.

Also, the state Postal Manager, Ivue Ubogu, said the office recorded an improvement at the fair as customers were patronising them and asked questions about their products.

He stated that NIPOST increased domestic postage from N50 to N250 for effective service delivery.

Mr Ubogu noted that in spite the advent of social media and phones that people used to disseminate information, the relevance of NIPOST cannot be underrated.

The manager said, “We do not have problem with phones as we cannot use it to send letters and people come with their physical item, we deliver them to their destinations all over the world.





2023: Segun Adewale (Aeroland) emerges Lagos West PDP Senatorial Candidate



Segun Adewale Aeroland

The INEC officers, having sighted the list and affirmed it to be the authentic one, called out delegates’ names from each local of the government and were identified by the party chairmen in their respective locality before they were handed the ballot paper to cast their votes.

The returning officer, Mr. Daniel Ugochibaiye, while announcing the result disclosed that there were 356 eligible voters from the senatorial district, while only two votes were voided.

In his acceptance speech, Adewale expressed appreciation to party delegates, among others, declaring that all hands needed to be on deck to wrest power from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State.

The party chieftain assured that he would work assiduously, to ensure other aspirants not so favoured were brought into the fold to ensure the required synergy at the poll for better delivery.

The PDP candidate, however, warned that internal wrangling within the PDP was counterproductive, maintaining that the task ahead demanded a united and formidable front to come out victorious in the 2023 General Elections.

“What I intend doing is total reconciliation especially with the aspirant contesting the seat with me in the person of Hon. Yomi Ogungbe.

“I need to meet with him and ensure we settle our differences before moving to the main elections because if we don’t come together and work as a team, there is no way anybody can win APC in Lagos.

“You can remember, if Tinubu can go to the national and work for Buhari and Buhari won twice, it is not going to be easy, unseating that same person in Lagos.

“So for us to go out to the field to contest against APC we have to tidy up all the differences in the house, that is what I am doing first,” he said.

He charged the electorates to get registered and make good use of their votes, adding that it was not enough to vote on the day of election, but should ensure they protect their votes as, according to him, that is how to secure a better Nigeria.

“To the electorate, they’ve seen it all, a lot of people are suffering now, they need to just get registered and go and vote on that day next year.

“It is not enough for them to vote, they have to stay and secure their votes, that is the way things can get better in Nigeria. It is not enough to go on WhatsApp platform and be talking about desired changes on social media, you have to participate in politics and governance for us to see a new Nigeria,” Adewale said.

Speaking further, Otunba Adewale, while further expressing his appreciation, thanked the former Deputy National Chairman of PDP, Chief Olabode George; for giving him the opportunity and Dr Olajide Adediran (Jandor), one of the party’s governorship aspirants, “for going all out  and giving me the opportunity to work with him.”

“It is not my making, I really want to thank God for that because I really did not put much effort compared to 2015 and I am getting  results.

“I want to also thank my leader Chief Bode George for giving me the opportunity and Olajide Adediran (Jandor) for going all out  and giving me the opportunity to work with him.

“I also want to thank my sister here, Hon Rita Orji because I say am not really interested in contesting this time because of the different tendencies in our party. A lot of people are fighting but she kept encouraging me,” he said.

“Now this is the first hurdle I am crossing, I am so overwhelmed and I thank God,” he concluded.



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JUST IN: Terrorists vow to start killing kidnapped passengers of Kaduna bound train in 7 days



Terrorists who attacked and abducted several passengers on the Abuja-Kaduna bound train on 28th March 2022, have vowed to start killing the passengers if the federal government doesn’t release their children allegedly kept in a Yola detention facility.

Leaders of the terrorists Abu Barra spoke on phone to the spokesman of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, Malam Tukur Mamu, ‘And Dan Iyan Fika.

In the audio of the conversations between Malam Tukur Mamu and the leaders of the terrorists, the terrorists claimed that the federal government suspended the resumption of the train service because of their threats,

”The government suspended the resumption of the train service indefinitely because of our threats and we repeat, if our conditions are not met, the resumption of the train service is to the detriment of the government and the passengers.”

“We don’t need money. We have a good reason for doing what we did, until our demands are met none of the victims will come out alive even if it means we all die with them. They are well taken care of as you can see from the pictures we sent to you via WhatsApp but we assure you that this will not continue”.

“We choose you (Tukur Mamu) to convey this important message to the government, the families of the victims and Nigerians in general because we believe you won’t alter our message and we have seen you severally with Sheikh Gumi in the forest, therefore, we recognized the fearlessness in you”.

Abu Barra said that it’s been two months since the abduction and anything can happen to the abducted passengers henceforth.

He explained their reasons for the abduction as a retaliation for the arrest and detention of their children by the security agencies.

“Our children numbering about 8 between the ages of one to seven years are currently being held at an orphanage in Jimeta, Adamawa State under the supervision of the Nigerian Army”, he said.

“The names of our children are; Abdulrahman, Bilkisu, Usman, Ibrahim and Juwairiyyah. They were forcefully taken from our wives in Nasarawa and taken to the orphanage in Yola”.

“For any continued discussion on the release of these passengers and a safe resumption of the train service, our children must be released unconditionally. Only then we will release some of the abducted victims, especially the women while other passengers will be released on a prisoner exchange with some of our arrested comrades by the government, he continued.

Abu Barra said that the pictures of the passengers they sent earlier, were among some of the pictures they sent to the negotiation team of the government as proof of the well being of the victims. They said since then the government had been lacklustre.”

“Barra said they decided to come to a GSM enabled location with one of the female victims to talk to Malam Mamu and as a confirmation of their claims. Mamu said he could hear her cries with a very low voice that probably indicates exhaustion pleading with him to please talk to the government on their behalf for a swift intervention on their release.”

He threatened that, if within seven days the government does not respond to their demands, they will stop feeding the victims and will start slaughtering them one after the other and if the government doesn’t respond after that, then Nigerians should forget using the Abuja-Kaduna rail line as well as the Kaduna-Abuja high way.

“If the government decided not to respond so be it. We are warning Nigerians, especially those that are patronizing the train that if this matter is not resolved peacefully, the day they decided to attack us or do anything funny, passengers or commuters should forget to use the train or follow the Abuja-Kaduna road because we will be consistent and they can’t stop us. We believe that you will deliver this message as it is”, he said.

“Therefore, we rely on you and urged you to convey this important message to everyone”, Abu Barra said.

Malam Tukur Mamu replied that he understands the predicament of the government in resolving the abduction imbroglio but stated that every responsible government will look into saving innocent passengers’ lives and make painful compromises where necessary even if it’s against the policy of the administration.

Malam Mamu then explained that prisoner exchange with known criminals on matters of national interest is a global practice and has happened in many developed countries like the United States.

He stressed the need to avoid any military action that will lead to collateral damage and the loss of innocent lives.

“Time is not on our side, the government must understand that they are dealing with persons with a misguided ideology and tainted religious belief. These people are not scared of death, they seem to believe that they are martyrs when they die. It will be a serious mistake to take this threat lightly. I believe an opportunity has been created for us to explore to save the lives of those innocent victims.

“For me, if these innocent will regain their freedom because of my involvement and provided that will lead to relative peace and security on our highways and rail lines I wouldn’t mind if I die in the process. We must accept the fact that security alone on the Abuja-Kadunvictima highways remains more fragile than ever and the solution is not militarily alone, especially in a country where impending attacks can hardly be dictated and stopped”, he said.




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