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Nitish Kumar: Nitish got screwed in the public court, will the political equation change in Bihar before 2024? – bihar politics nitish kumar political equation after kurhani by-election results

Patna: CM Nitish Kumar (CM Nitish Kumar) had a chance to prove his decision right in the by-election held on Kudhani assembly seat. BJP made Nitish & Co. realize their strength by winning the bypolls for the second time. It was also told that the Grand Alliance, which looks strong on paper, can be defeated. Not only this, it was also made to realize that Nitish Kumar no longer has that factor, on the basis of which he does politics by turning around. Nitish Kumar is running the Grand Alliance government in Bihar with a big majority. Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi were in the fray together for Kudni Fatah. There was support of five parties from the bank, yet there was a blunder and the JDU candidate was defeated.

Tejashwi, Nitish had given full power
It is generally believed that if the ruling party has a majority, then by-elections are not taken very seriously. This was probably the last election before the Lok Sabha elections in Bihar. Both the alliances will now be seen face to face in the Lok Sabha elections itself. So it is different in terms of election results. Perhaps this was the reason that the leaders of both the alliances had put all their might into Kudhni. In order to defeat the strong looking Grand Alliance, BJP also experimented in Kudhani, which was successful. However, CM Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav gave their full strength to win the Kudhani by-election. All kinds of political cards were also played, but the result was contrary to their expectations. The BJP single-handedly defeated the alliance of seven parties. This was the second time that the Grand Alliance was defeated in the by-elections. Before Kudhani, BJP had defeated RJD in Gopalganj seat also. Although the BJP was definitely defeated in the by-election held in Mokama, but even in that defeat, the BJP was seeing victory. Why victory is not even visible, for the first time after 30 years, BJP contested from there.
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Nitish was in public court for the first time

The Kudhani by-election was also important for Bihar CM Nitish Kumar because he was in the people’s court for the first time after parting ways with the NDA. JDU had sought a seat from RJD to prove its political existence strong. But Nitish Kumar did not get public support in Kudhani, which was expected by the Grand Alliance. In other words, the results of the by-election indicated that the public did not approve of Nitish Kumar’s decision. The effect of Neetaj is also visible in the party and the alliance. Being outspoken on his own, he is also making statements against Nitish Kumar.
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The Kudni bypoll was a do or die situation for the BJP and the Grand Alliance. The victory in the by-election means the ground is ready for the 2024 war. This was the reason that both wanted to win this seat at any cost. All kinds of political tactics were adopted for victory. The round of allegations and counter-allegations also went on. But the success was in the hands of the BJP. BJP leaders are brimming with confidence after the results of the by-elections and are already claiming to win 2024 and 2025.
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Nitish got a big blow

The result of Kudhani by-election is important in many ways. Especially from JDU’s point of view, Nitish Kumar’s PM candidature may suffer a setback. On the other hand, if we talk about the claims of the alleged vote share of the Grand Alliance, then it lost its air in Kudhani. The campaign of opposition unity against the Narendra Modi government, which was started by Nitish Kumar, seems to be getting eclipsed. In such a situation, before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, it will not be surprising if another new political equation emerges in Bihar.



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