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No Jail for NYC Prankster Who Told Diners He Had a Bomb and Would Kill Them for Allah




New in PJ Media:

When Malik Sanchez was sentenced on Wednesday for claiming he had a bomb and telling two women outside a New York City restaurant that he was going to kill them, he apologized to the women and said that his actions were those of an “immature and reckless child.” Manhattan federal court Judge Colleen McMahon stopped him right there and corrected him, saying his action was “that of a sicko.” Nevertheless, she gave him no jail time at all while praising his post-arrest behavior and calling him a “pretrial success story.” Scaring people half to death is no big deal in New York City; in the decaying Leftist paradise of Bill de Blasio and Eric Adams, it takes a great deal to be sent to prison.

Sanchez faced up to five years in prison, but McMahon sentenced him to time served: he spent 23 days in jail after he was arrested and nine months confined to home. It was an extraordinarily light sentence for Sanchez, who ran a modestly popular (he had 5,400 subscribers) YouTube channel called “Smooth Sanchez” that has been dormant since his arrest. I watched hours of this little creep’s videos last year when he was first arrested, trying to find his bombing threat, but he had apparently already taken it down. He terrorized people not just in the instance in which he got arrested; his whole act was to walk around Manhattan and harass random strangers. He even assaulted one man, but apparently his victim didn’t wish to press charges. Whatever else he may be, Malik Sanchez is certainly a sociopath and possibly a dangerous one.

The “Smooth Sanchez” videos feature Malik Sanchez walking along the streets of New York City and yelling abuse at passersby, mostly young women. (He identified himself as an “incel.”) In a February 2021 video, Sanchez approached the outdoor seating area of a Manhattan restaurant where the two women were dining and said he was going to “enhance their meal.” Then he began shouting, “Bomb detonation in two, in two minutes.” He screamed, “I take you with me and I kill all you. I kill all you right now. And I kill all you for Allah. F**k, f**k that s**t. I’m gonna Allah. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna f***ing do it for Allah. I’m gonna do it, for, Allah, Allah, Allahu akbar, Come on. I do it, bomb now, bomb now.”

This moving peroration led six people to flee from the enclosed outdoor dining area, which the Cary-Grant-like, self-proclaimed Smooth young man took as a victory. “Yo, all of them scattered. … Holy s**t. Holy s**t, boys. That was f***ing five stars. That was five stars. Holy s**t, huh?”

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Russia prepared for food crisis even before invasion



Russia prepared for food crisis even before invasion

Even before President Vladimir Putin sent troops to Ukraine, Russia had taken steps to prepare for a food crisis threatening the world, a Kremlin aide said on Thursday.

Russia and Ukraine alone produce 30% of the global wheat supply.

Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine and a string of unprecedented international sanctions against Russia have disrupted supplies of fertilizer, wheat and other commodities in both countries, pushing up food and fuel prices, especially in developing countries.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich understood that these issues could affect Russia,”

Former economy minister and Putin adviser Maxim Oreshkin told a youth forum in Moscow.

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global famine

“Russia is actively preparing for a global famine, starting late last year,”

He added.

Putin sent troops to Ukraine on February 24, after the Kremlin denied the possibility of a major offensive against its smaller, pro-Western neighbor.

The United Nations this week urged Russian authorities to release food stranded at Ukrainian ports due to Moscow’s military action.

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Oreshkin said he believed “global hunger” would begin by the end of 2022, adding that “ill-considered” policies in the United States and European Union countries were leading to a food crisis.

Oreshkin also said that U.S. attempts to ship Ukrainian grain out of the former Soviet Union would lead to a “humanitarian disaster” in Ukraine and a “major” food problem for the world.

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Elon Musk Just Perfectly Explained Why There Will Be a “Red Tsunami” in 2022



Elon red wave midterms 01

At this point, I think we can all agree on the following:

D stands for Deranged, and R stands for Rational.


That’s truly where we are in politics today in the United States.

The Dems have gone so incredibly far to the left fringe that they’re unrecognizable.

Did you ever think in your lifetime we’d be here:

Pregnant Man, Baby 3: Thomas Beatie Gives Birth to Baby Boy - CBS News

If that doesn’t creep you out and make you feel incredibly uncomfortable, I think there’s something wrong with you.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Rep Boebert Just Revealed The Quiet PLOT About The Government’s “Disinformation” Game Plan

Sorry, not sorry. I am a believer in God, and a lover of actual “SCIENCE,” not this mentally deranged version the left is now peddling.


Things have just gotten so out of whack and so crazy that normal Americans, even some of the more socially liberal, are looking at this stuff and saying “whoa, let’s pump the brakes, folks…”

But the Biden admin won’t pump the brakes. They are literally slaves to the radical fringe, who are pushing nonsense like calling women “birthing people,” and “bleeders.” And people who are telling us it’s “loving” to abort a baby up to the time of birth, and that it’s totally normal to cut off the genitalia of a 4-year-old because they think they’re a different “gender.”

It’s demonic, and it’s a mental sickness, and the scary part is that we have a government that’s given their stamp of approval on all this crazy crap, and it’s *freaking out* normal and sane Americans, big time.

It’s having such an impact on people that they’re leaving the Dem Party in droves. Independents are looking at this crazy nonsense, thinking, “Holy wow, THIS doesn’t represent me…”

And that’s exactly why Elon Musk has vowed he will vote Republican for the first time in his life… and he thinks there are A LOT more people just like him, and that’s why 2022 will be a political bloodbath.


Here’s what Elon said: “I’ve just switched from moderate D to moderate R, as I think many independent voters have done. We will know the magnitude of this trend in November. I think it’s big.”

I agree with Elon. I think many people are looking at this and wondering what the hell is going on.

Even many liberals and Dems.

But we can’t sit back and rest on our laurels. We need to stay active and flood the polls.

We’re still facing a ton of mail-in ballot fraud, even after a lot of it has been cleaned up… just look at what’s happening right now in the GOP primary in PA.

Once again, it’s like a 3rd-world country.


So, get involved, keep fighting, and vote in 2022.

No matter how many people tell you it’s a RED TSUNAMI, you treat it like we’re in the hole and coming from behind, because thanks to cheating, in many areas, we are.

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