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Noor Alfalah siblings: Remi, Sophia and Nasser Falah

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Al Pacino is expecting baby No. 4 with Noor Alfalah. If this surprised you, think of the surprise Noor’s siblings might have had upon hearing the news!

But who are the brothers and sisters of Noor Alfalah? Let’s learn all about them as this article progresses.

Who are Noor Alfalah’s siblings?

Noor Alfalah has three siblings – Remi, Sophia and Nasser Falah. All share a close bond and seemed to support their sister’s relationship with the Godfather star.

However, Noor’s parents, Falah N Al-Fallah And Alana Alfalah had not yet spoken on the subject.

Apparently, Noor’s father’s family is related to the royal house of Al-Sabah. However, a Kuwaiti journalist debunked the myth in April 2012. “Al-Faleh is not a royal family name,” said the journalist, who preferred not to be named. “It’s a famous surname in Kuwait. And Remi al-Faleh is not a Kuwaiti princess.

But even though the al-Faleh family aren’t technically royal, they are undeniably wealthy. All thanks to Falah’s work as president of Q8 Capital Inc. in Beverly Hills, California. Besides this, Falah is also the founder of ThirtyOneCapital.

Meet Rémi Alfalah, sister of Noor Alfalah

Rémi Alfalah is not only Noor Alfalah’s little sister but also his best friend and business partner. But ironically, Remi doesn’t want to do a podcast with Noor because it would just be for her to keep saying how much she adores him.

That being said, Remi confessed that talking to his sister was his “favorite thing in the world.”

In addition, it entered into a pod production agreement alongside Noor with Imagine Entertainment in September 2021. There, the duo worked on the mediums and divisions of Imagine to find new voices.

  • Remi Alfalah Age

Remi Alfalah was born on December 4, 1996. That made her 26 years old in 2023.

She is three years younger than her sister Noor.

  • Remi Alfalah Job

As previously mentioned, Remi Alfalah has entered into a pod production deal alongside Noor with Imagine Entertainment in September 2021. Since then, she has been working there in search of new voices.

Prior to that, she worked as an assistant at Saturday Night Live for more than 3 years.

In addition, she is interned at Anonymous content for a year and a half, Focus characteristics for six months, and Three Six Zero for one year.

Speaking of her education, she has an MFA of New York University and BBA in Business Administration and Management from the University of Southern California.

  • Is Rémi Alfalah married?

No, Remi Alfalah is not married. Last we checked, she was dating Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Michael Jackson, whom she met at the Buckley Schoolan exclusive private school in Sherman Oaks, California when they were both juniors.

However, Rmi may soon get married. In an interview, Prince once hinted that he would marry Remi just to get away from his family.

Meet Sophia Alfalah, Noor Alfalah Other Sister

Sophia Alfalah is Noor Alfalah’s other little sister. The former claimed her sister was her “other half and a mentor.”

Let’s get to know her better.

  • Sophia Alfalah age

Sophia Alfalah was born on July 22, 2006. That made her 16 years old in 2023.

She is 13 years younger than Noor.

  • Employment of Sophia Alfalah

Sophia Alfalah is still at school. But she is a future musician.

In 2019, she was seen taking a piano lesson with Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones. Obviously, Sophia looked nervous to perform in front of him, but Ronnie was encouraging her and giving her advice on how to perform.

  • Is Sophia Alfalah married?

Sophia Alfalah is not married.

Find her on Youtube @sophiaalfallah2516.

Meet Nasser Alfalah, brother of Noor Alfalah

Nasser Alfalah is the younger brother of Noor Alfalah whom she likes to call her “beautiful little legend”.

Learn more about this “little legend” by scrolling down.

  • Age of Nasser Alfalah

Nasser Alfalah was born on October 8, 2000. It made him 22 years old in 2023.

He is 8 years younger than Noor.

On his 15th birthday, Remi took to his IG to introduce him and wrote: “This stud turns 15 today. I know what you’re thinking, but yes, we’re related… I love you, Nass! Enjoy every moment. »

  • Nasser Alfalah Job

Nasser Alfalah is graduating from the University of Southern California in 2023, so he hasn’t decided on his path yet.

In his spare time, Nasser enjoys travelling, rapping and playing tennis. In fact, he played tennis professionally at the USTA Regional Championships in Rancho Mirage, California in 2011.

  • Is Nasser Alfalah married?

No, Nasser Alfalah is not spoiled. But he was dating international model Hana Cross in 2019. At the time, the two were pictured packing on the PDA as they walked home hand in hand from leaving Paris Hilton’s Halloween party.

Also, for a month, the lovebirds were spotted strolling around the California town and enjoying a cozy lunch.

For those unaware, Hana has starred in campaigns for New Look, Topshop, and Nasty Gal, among others. She dated Brooklyn Beckham, Scott Disick and a few other celebrities.

Related FAQs

  • Where do Noor Alfalah’s siblings live?

Noor’s siblings all resided in the United States.

  • Are Noor Alfalah’s siblings on Instagram?

Yes, find Remi, Sophia and Nasser Falah on Instagram @remialfalah@sophiaalfallahAnd @nasmoney.

Also, here are Remi and Sophia’s TikTok @remialfallah And @sophiaalfallah.