Nyimboyi Tapha: Miracle & Israel Chinga to Release Extraordinary Yahwe

Miracle and Israel Chinga Mpukunya are set to release their highly anticipated single, Extraordinary Yahwe, on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

The dynamic duo, the talented children of the late renowned Grace Chinga, are confident that Extraordinary Yahwe will be a musical masterpiece that will electrify the nation of Malawi.

Adding to the excitement, Extraordinary Yahwe will have a double release, as Miracle and Israel accompany their celestial composition with an enchanting music video.

Describing the single as “a transcendent gospel sensation,” Miracle shared her excitement on Facebook with the exclamation “Nyimboyi taphaaaaaa!”

Stay tuned for the release of Nyimboyi Tapha: Miracle & Israel Chinga’s extraordinary creation, Extraordinary Yahwe. It’s a musical event that promises to uplift and captivate audiences with its divine essence.