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Obaseki Set To Build World Class Library With 50 Million Volumes 

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State on Friday announced that his administration had put Al modalities in place to deliver a world-class library that would be made accessible to Edo school children.

The library, upon completion, Obaseki said, would house 50 million volumes of academic materials

Governor Obaseki stated these at the ground breaking ceremony of the Education Hub held at the Edo State Ministry of Education at Iyaro, Benin  Edo.

The governor said the proposed building remained one of the breakdowns of the system and transforming the system without fixing the structure would not speak well of the development in the sector.

“We are here today at the groundbreaking ceremony of the education hub, but coming here reminds us that education broke down in Edo State just like all this building. Deterioration in education in Edo State equates to the type of deterioration that you see in this building on this premises.

“As a government, we would not have completed our work has transformed the education system leaving this infrastructure that would govern and regulate the sector. In other to fill we have accomplished our mission in education we must rebuild this education hub.

“In the Education Hub, Library Board will have ,a building. By May this year we would open a branch of the library at Edo Mall. You can’t open a branch without head office. We are rebuilding our library system wtitlesinimum of 50 million titles. We are rebuilding our library system into a digital system spread across the state.

“This will enable our children across the state log into Edo Library to check and read books world-class. It will be a world class Library Board and a library system.

“It will also have Ministry of Education offices, building afresh SUBEB offices, Secondary School Education Board. We are focusing on disarticulation of Junior from Senior Secondary School.

“Offices for Technical Education which is now a priority in the State will be in the hub, as we want many children as possible to  have the  skills to enable them have handwork to feed themselves even if they can’t further their education. Also office for Quality Assurance will be there as children go to school but nobody to ensure quality in our schools

“We are building three Schools within this hub and their playground. We would be having Primary 1 to 6, JSS 1 to 3 and SS 1 to 3. This will be one of our ambitious projects and will bring you back here in May next year 2024. We don’t like commissioning projects but this we would commission.

“We would make sure the world-class is supported by world class amenities by building a conference center to seat a minimum of 500 people at a time. Build a cafeteria and restaurants for workers”, the governor assured.

According to him, “To govern education properly you must create the infrastructure that would help you govern education which includes the premises, offices, our leaders did that 50 years ago, we are not to lament but to fix, and give hope to the next generation.

“The world has recognised what we are doing in our educational system as the economics of London this week wrote an article on education and referred to what we are doing in Edo State”.

Obaseki, who said that his administration had continued to invest in education, stressedresponsibilitys a  collective responsible to sustain the investment and never allow those without capacity and those not prepthe ared to lead come close to government”.


“We allowed those without capacity to government that is why we have found ourselves in this situation as a nation”, Obaseki lamented.

Speaking at the occasion, the Commissioner for Education, Dr. Joan Osa Oviawe, described the Education Hub projects as massive, pointing out that people that had been exercising fear if the governor could complete it before leaving office in 2024.

“This project is the brainchild of Mr. Governor . I want to assure you that this project, the Education Hub will be completed before the governor leaves office. We will all come here before November project to commission this projects to the delight of the people of the state.

“Educational is important for the development of the state. We need the support of all of us to ensure a quality education for all Edo children. I urge all parents to ensure all our special children are given the needed education to help them through life”, Oviawe pleaded.



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