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OFFCUT: What I would do if I’d superpowers, Nigerians share interesting details

By Abisola Adigun 


Nigerians share exciting details of what they would do if they had supernatural powers. 

In a teaser made by Tribune Online that reached over 50,000 social media users, netizens were asked what change they would make if they had superpowers. 

Read their comments below: 

Stêveñ Mâriô: Change the system in which the country is governored

Religious sentiment and tribalistic attitudes of the people.

Olakunle Olaoluwa Oguntuase: I will install Obi in the Aso to rule Nigeria for everyone to see what he can offer Nigerians in 4years, I will then remove him, put Jagaban for 4years and ask the true Nigerians to judge their performance

NB: i said true Nigerians, because not all Nigerians are genuine citizens

Nwafor Tochukwu Charles: Enter ASO ROCK and Chase all of them away

ThankGod Peter: Na to remove all politicians, lawyers n journalist brain and sock im with hypo for 30days den wash im and put im back. Den all de youths, I tight den inside sambisa n release Morgana to torment dem for 30days so who survive go de think well.

Sparrow Marshal Obadoni: I just wanna say that if aliens were to invade earth, I’m siding with them! You humans are crazy!!


Divide this country

James Dennis: Firstly, I’ll be dealing with the so-called agberos before going for the next step

Ifeanyi Ossai Godwins: I would use my Merlin’s magic power to tie up INEC chairman, Tinubu & Buhari, send them to jail, conduct a new free & fair elections that the will of the people will prevail.

WarChild Nakevu: I will make the houses of the ruling class to feel like Aso Rock in their heads so they can retire permanently to their houses and we take over.

Gracy Ina Gracy: I will not change anything in Nigeria,I will use the power to get a visa for me and my family and travel abroad

Jayeola Alolade: Nigeria CBN bank and Nigeria Justice

Philip Miles Makoshi Rekwot: Turn the newly selected president to agbado and corn (cos he was not actually elected) then reinstall Ellu P as the president of the country…

You can read more comments or join the conversation via the link below: 



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