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Official Trailer for ‘Dark Harvest’ Horror Film Introducing ‘October Boy’


Official Trailer for ‘Dark Harvest’ Horror Film Introducing ‘October Boy’

by Alex Billington
September 13, 2023
Source: YouTube

“If you’re born in this town, you’re cursed.” MGM has unveiled an official trailer for a horror movie called Dark Harvest, the latest film project from horror filmmaker David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night, “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”). This was originally set to open in 2022, but was delayed and now the studio is dumping it direct-to-VOD to watch at home starting in October during Halloween season. I guess they didn’t think a theatrical release is worth it? Adapted from the book of the same name, it’s set in a small town where the young men must confront a creature each year in the hopes that they will win a chance to leave. A legendary monster called October Boy terrorizes residents in a small Midwestern town when he rises from the cornfields every Halloween with his butcher knife and makes his way toward those brave enough to confront him. Every year the local boys get ready for the “Run”, an annual harvest rite of life and death, if they can survive. Starring Elizabeth Reaser, Jeremy Davies, Luke Kirby, Casey Likes, and Emyri Crutchfield. It looks like a horror mash-up of The Hunger Games + The Village + Logan’s Run. Who’s in?

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for David Slade’s Dark Harvest, direct from MGM’s YouTube:

Dark Harvest Poster

Every fall in a small Midwestern town, a supernatural specter rises from the cornfields and makes its way toward the town’s Church, where violent gangs of teenage boys hungrily await their chance to confront the legendary nightmare in an annual harvest rite of life and death. Richie Shepard lives in the shadow of his big brother who won last year’s Run and earned his ticket out. To prove himself and join his brother, Richie pairs up with Kelly Haines, a restless dreamer who will do whatever it takes to escape this dead-end town. Against the rules and odds, Richie & Kelly decide to hunt down the legendary nightmare to win the Run and their freedom, together. Dark Harvest is directed by British genre filmmaker David Slade, director of the films Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and the TV movies LFE and Red Bird Lane previously, plus recent work on the series “American Gods”, “Black Mirror”, “Barkskins”. The screenplay is written by Michael Gilio, adapted from the novel of the same name by Norman Partridge. MGM + Prime Video will debut Slade’s Dark Harvest direct-to-VOD starting October 13th, 2023 this fall.


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