Ogunbiyi is best for Osun ​― Akinwusi, former HoS

Dr Akin Ogunbiyi, the Accord Party candidate in the Osun State governorship election slated for July 16, has been described as the best candidate with the required vision and drive to take the state to a higher height.

A former Head of Service (HoS) in the state, Elder Segun Akinwusi, said this recently during a visit to the candidate.

According to the former HoS, if there is anyone among the governorship candidates with enough drive, vision and experience to turn things around in the state, it is Dr Akin Ogunbiyi. He, therefore, called on the electorate to vote for the Accord Party in the ensuing governorship election for the state to become better and the people to live a more rewarding life.

He stated, “Ogunbiyi is someone I know that can make a difference in Osun, I see him as someone who Osun State should run after.

“He will revive Osun. He is coming as someone who is ready to dedicate his life to serve the state. He is not coming to make money like the others; he is coming to make a difference in the life of the people.

“He is a philanthropist who has an NGO that supports people. This is the type of person that we need in Osun State. We need someone who will not just come and depend on state allocation alone; we need someone who has ideas and innovation to improve the wellbeing of the people and improve the internally generated revenue of the state.

“As an entrepreneur, Akin Ogunbiyi has paid his dues with his chain of businesses across the West African sub-region. He will certainly bring all the above to rejuvenate the decaying and dying economy and social services of Osun State; and thus will be a blessing to all.”

In his response, Dr Ogunbiyi said he decided to join politics and indicated an interest in running for the Osun State governorship because he felt with its given endowments and the resourcefulness of the people, the state ought to have developed beyond its current level. He reiterated his resolve to lead the process of unleashing the greatness of Osun so that the people can enjoy the benefits of its natural endowments.

His words: “Having taken a very deep look at the continuing evolution of our darling state since its creation in 1991; having watched the different fortunes which have befallen the state in the hands of various chief executives in its 30 years of existence; having been seriously concerned  about the less than satisfying pace of the state’s development; its not so sterling stand in the comity of states in the Nigerian federation; having been grievously disturbed by the crushing burden of debt and the state of arrested development to which Osun State has been subjected in recent years; having realistically considered how yet far away from the dreams of the founding fathers Osun State still remains; with due consideration to the unimaginable human capital and natural resources our dear state is endowed with; with due regard for the can-do spirit of our people, both at home and in the Diaspora; being very mindful of how easy it is for our people and our potentials to be mobilized, once a visionary and exemplary leader, who knows the way, shows the way and leads the way gets into the saddle; with a very clear vision; and one sole aim of putting all that I am and all that I have into creating values across all spheres of our lives as a state with and for our people across the length and breadth of the state and beyond; thus lifting Osun State from its current state to the mountain top of development, I stepped on to the political turf of our state and of our country by joining politics in 2017 under the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to contest for the governorship seat of Osun State.

“I was ‘politicked’ out. Undeterred, determined and inspired by my inner convictions and the clarion call of all those who mean well for the state, I am stepping forward, again, for this cause now on the platform of Accord Party: to see Osun State fulfil its manifest destiny; become a beacon and pride of the people; and of this nation, with the echoes of its unprecedentedly accelerated development ricocheting across Africa and the globe; and into coming generations.”

Ogunbiyi said with his IDERA-DE agenda, the people of the state can heave a sigh of relief and look forward to a brighter and better future once he is elected governor.

He continued, “In my manifesto which is more than a mere document but is a contract, my contract with the great people of Osun State, I have listed 25 areas that I want to look into. They are viable and feasible and do not require too much. If given the opportunity, I will make value creation my commitment; even from little things, our people will see value; people will see results and performance.

“And I will begin from day one, once I am sworn in as governor of Osun State, come November 26, 2022. When I come in as governor, the people will see something different in creative leadership. I am not going in because of just the love and perks of the office. No! The money mongers are all over the place competing. For me, it is about service. It is about leadership. It is about harnessing the various skills and competencies of our people. We will join hands with our citizens to build an enviable Osun of our dream.

“For me, therefore, it will be value creation and value delivery across all the spheres of our lives as a state. For me, it is about the Osun people. It is about empowerment; it is about the citizenry enjoying the basic things of life for free.”



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