Old Hogwarts players were divided over a missing feature

Harry Potter fans on Reddit are divided over a missing feature in the Hogwarts Legacy. in Hogwarts legacy, players are given a wide range of customization options and the freedom to change many things on the go. Whether it’s changing your physical appearance whenever you want or using the transmission system to change gear, the game gives players a lot of freedom in favor of immersion. In fact, this seems to be one of the game’s main design philosophies: player freedom is prioritized over immersion. This is why you can do things like explore, as a student, beyond Hogwarts at night, something you can’t do legally. The game is constantly breaking the canon and tradition that it can do because it is not canon. However, to the dismay of some players, he stubbornly does not break a single rule.

When you design your wand at the beginning of the game, make sure you really like it because you can’t change it or get a new one at any point in the game. All you can do is customize the handle. why is that? further in Harry Potter, The bond between a magician and their wand is a very special one. Wands are supposed to be final, and if you lose or break your wand, that’s a big deal. However, in a game – especially one that throws a lot Harry Potter Rules and customs are out the window – this can be frustrating.

Why can’t we change our wand? I chose the “loop” option and it looks wacky with all the cool knobs… from
Harry Potter game

The above post is one of the most important posts on the Hogwarts Legacy page this week, so many would agree with this one. However, others have challenged the idea of ​​changing your wand via the comments section, stating that it’s not easy for Harry Potter to change your wand when you want to.

“There are plenty of knobs out there, don’t worry. You’ll find what works,” reads one response. But it is forbidden to ask this question. Wands are not meant to change, rather they are meant to be sort of like partners for life for the wizard who carries them.”

Hogwarts Legacy Available across PC, PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. On April 4, it will also be available across PS4 and Xbox One, before finally hitting Nintendo Switch on July 25. Of course, those dates are all pending any delays, which I’ve got a few for in this game.

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