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On Tinubu’s self-contradiction and sabotage

The leading presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, contradicted himself while complaining in Abeokuta, Ogun state. Unfortunately, he accused the current administration of plotting to sabotage his long-time political ambition. He ended up openly criticising the same government that he claimed to have worked tirelessly to bring into power.

If truly Tinubu’s interest doesn’t align with that of President Muhammadu Buhari it means that the candidate has contributed to putting Nigerians into untold economic hardship including insecurity, among others. The same person that has announced many times that he is going to remove fuel subsidy when he gets into power is now accusing the Incumbent president who is also the Petroleum Minister of making a move to that effect.

Also, a big question that is undoubtedly running through the minds of many people is whether those surrounding Tinubu are guiding him appropriately or setting him up to fail? Tinubu’s recent outburst and shifting blame show that the candidate is contradicting himself and alluding to Nigerians that Buhari has failed. It is also an indication that the ruling APC has no roadmap on returning to Aso Rock Villa in the upcoming election.

All as a result of the desperation for power, the APC presidential candidate has berated the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, over the naira redesign and cashless policy aimed at controlling inflation. Since their introduction, none of the presidential candidates has uttered a word about the policy until now when they realised its potential of ruining their chances at the polls.

Besides, campaigning for the ruling APC is a herculean task because one needs more than a thousand words to be convinced of the same government that failed woefully in the sectors of the economy, security, and worst still its lackadaisical approach to education.

Interestingly, our God given population affords us ample political power to control the political system of this country and, the northerners have since woken up from their daydream. We will never again allow politicians to us religion, ethnicity, or any differences that characterised us as individuals to manipulate their way in power.

To make matters worst, Tinubu failed to bring a clear blueprint on how his government intends to rule Nigeria but rather keeps blabbing and constituting a nuisance to the entire campaign team. At the same time, heis proving to the opposition that he is incapable and not equal to the task.

Ideally, every sophisticated and critically equipped mind knows that whoever wants to rule Nigeria should be able to stand firm with the spirit of jingoism, and a sense of belonging, and categorically make it clear to the teeming populace his manifestation and strategic plan to save the country from the current shambles and move to achieve the infrastructural need, socio-economic and political development.

Above all, the underground plan to use religion in conquering the North in the upcoming election is already exposed and no longer effective. Besides, we are the victims of Boko Haram, banditry, kidnapping, out of school children, and high rate of unemployment. 

These are the unfavourable conditions in which we find ourselves. Therefore, we need not be told that we should be very careful and utilise our God-given political power in the most appropriate way that will ease hardship and pave the way for socio-economic and political development in the region.

Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng,

Yola, Adamawa state 



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