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“One eyed man is king in the land of the Blind” Socialite Pretty Mike attends wedding as a one-eyed man leading the blind [video]

Pretty Mike attended a wedding on Saturday January 28, as a one-eyed man accompanied by women whose eyes were closed.

Videos shared online show the socialite with an eye-patch covering one of his eyes while 16 women with both eyes covered followed behind him, each with their arm on the shoulder of the person in front as Pretty Mike leads the way.

All the women are on low cut and wore the same outfit for the outing.

Sharing videos from his entrance to the event, Pretty Mike wrote: “A one eyed man is king in the land of the Blind…. Hmmm.

“I believe we as a people, should stop been (sic) ruled or governed by one eyed men, This Feb 2023, get ur PVC and make the right decision.”



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