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One year after, Sylvester Oromoni family seeks justice

On Wednesday, Sylvester father issued a statement expressing his frustration over the delay of justice in the ongoing coroner’s inquest set up to investigate  the death of his son.

Mr Oromoni said he will be compelled to “withdraw”  from the inquest and “take a different legal step to seek justice” if the matter is not concluded in 2022.

The father of the deceased said while his son’s body lie in the morgue, some staff of Dowen College are still working freely. 

He said the coroner had fixed November 21 for Dowen College to produce two witnesses to testify before the coroner.

“With the effort of the Honourable Coroner and the cooperation of several parents particularly the parents of the two witnesses who came from Abuja to testify on the 14th November, 2022, the Coroner thereafter adjourned proceedings to 21st November 2022 for Dowen College to produce the two remaining witnesses from the school,” Mr Oromoni said.

“However, due to the College’s antics and strategy, the school refused to provide these two witnesses who are currently in Dowen College on the said 21st November, 2022 to enable them to testify before the Coroner. 

“As a result of that, the Inquest was further adjourned to 28th November, 2022. Unfortunately, the Coroner could not also sit on this date because of the unavailability of these vital witnesses from Dowen College.”

Mr Oromoni said he made a promise to his deceased child to pursuit justice even if it takes 30 years.

He asked the coroner to do the needful by urgently bringing the inquest to an end.

“As the father of the deceased, I cannot be tired or discouraged from pursuing justice as I have promised my son to get him justice even if it will take thirty (30) years to achieve it,” he said.

“At this point, I wish to call on the Honourable Coroner to please do the needful by urgently bringing the inquest to an end as Nigerians and the entire world are waiting for the dispensation of justice in this case as justice delay is justice denied.

“This struggle is not only about my late son, but my own way of preventing the future occurrence of this tragic incident.”
In December 2021, Peoples Gazette reported how the young Oromoni was reportedly tortured to death by high school bullies.

Source: GazetteNGR



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