OnePlus 11 buyer asked to wait 7 months for free YouTube Premium

The OnePlus 11 is currently available with six months of free YouTube Premium subscription in the US, along with a bunch of other perks. But if this offer is one of the major reasons for you choosing this phone, you might want to hold off on your purchase for some time. It turns out the free subscription is available right out of the gate, at least for a few buyers. Worse yet, the wait time is 6-7 months long.

A OnePlus 11 buyer recently took to Reddit to share that they haven’t been able to redeem their free YouTube Premium subscription. They followed the instruction provided by the company but it didn’t work. The user reached out to OnePlus customer support, which responded by saying that a “system issue” is causing the trouble. The support staff added that the issue should be fixed “urgently”.

However, by urgently, they meant six to seven months. As baffling as it may sound, that’s the time OnePlus is asking OnePlus 11 buyers to wait before they get the promised freebie. The problem here is that the free YouTube Premium subscription has to be redeemed within 2023. And we have just seven months left in the year now. Let’s hope the offer doesn’t expire by the time OnePlus fixes the issue.

OnePlus is working with Google to resolve this YouTube Premium issue

It isn’t unusual for smartphone companies to bundle these kinds of enticing offers with their latest products, particularly flagship devices. They help drive sales. With the OnePlus 11, the company is offering six months of YouTube Premium subscription, six months of 100GB Google One cloud storage, a 50 percent discount on the OnePlus Pad, and an app-exclusive $50 discount on the phone itself. The combined worth of all these offers is well over $350 if you buy the discounted OnePlus Pad too.

Unfortunately, some OnePlus 11 buyers are having trouble activating the free YouTube Premium subscription. The company says it’s working with Google to set things right at the earliest. But it hasn’t provided a time frame for when the promised perk may be available to its customers.

“We apologize that a small number of users are having trouble redeeming their six months free trial of YouTube Premium — we are working with Google to resolve this and will keep users updated on our forum. In the meantime, we can confirm that all qualifying users will be able to benefit from their free trial as soon as this issue is resolved,” a OnePlus representative told Android Authority. We hope that the company won’t take half a year to fix things. If you’re having this issue, watch out for a communication from OnePlus.


OnePlus 11 YouTube Premium issue company response screenshot