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Online sales of back to school increase by 30%

Back to school has become one of the moments of family spending most feared by the Spanish, with a estimated cost per child of about €500, without counting school fees or other expenses derived from the beginning of the course. Also, this year due to inflation, this figure will probably go up.

That is why more and more families are looking for savings alternatives for the start of the academic year. Thus, the online channel grows year after year thanks to the possibility of accessing better prices, comparing between different stores and the convenience of time and effort. Specifically, according to the latest data from Webloyaltyduring the months of August and September, the average expenditure on online purchases was €145, 30% more than the same previous period.

Despite the fact that this year’s return to school is expected to be one of the most expensive for Spanish families due to the current economic situation, sales through eCommerce will continue to grow since eCommerce has become an ally to alleviate the family economy.

Paula Rodríguez, Business Development director of Webloyalty.

The products that represent the greatest expense during the back-to-school campaign are textbooks, with €184/child, the uniform and/or clothing and footwearwith €176/child and school supplies, with €88/child.

Advantages of shopping online back to school

Electronic commerce continues to establish itself in Spain due to the many advantages it offers, such as convenience, scheduled deliveries, competitive prices, among others.

“Families need to save their budgets, especially in the current situation. Electronic commerce offers them many possibilities in this sense and consumers are increasingly informed of the alternatives to save. For example, programs like cashback that year after year add followers because they allow them to save. In the case of back to school, the average savings is 10% in textbooks, clothing and footwear or school supplies”, explains Paula Rodriguez.

Main advantages

From Webloyalty some of the main advantages which can be accessed by users who make their back-to-school purchases online:

  • Promotions and after-sales service. Having access to the different loyalty programs, such as point cards, shopping clubs, wallet or cashback programs, which return at least 10% of the value of the purchase made, have become preferred by consumers.
  • Ease of delivery and return. Logistics, in terms of scheduled deliveries and returns, is a determining factor for users. The possibility of making returns at no cost, receiving the product the same day the purchase is made, being able to fully track the product or having the possibility of making a scheduled delivery, are advantages highly valued by users.
  • Personalization. Personalized communication, additional services or added recognition represent a differentiating element in online purchases.
  • Payment security. A payment process that provides security is one of the factors most valued by consumers, which is why it is one of the key elements in online business.
  • Compare prices and choose according to convenience. Being able to compare between different stores and acquire what is necessary according to convenience is one of the aspects preferred by Spaniards who make their back-to-school purchases online.



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