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only $30. Never go dark with the Solar-Charging Emergency Power Bank for



Solar Charger

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No one likes a low battery warning, especially if you’re nowhere near the charging port. And power banks can help, but not even if they’re dead. This solar power bank from Mrigab holds up to 42,800 mAh and comes with external battery pack and portable solar charger, All for just $30.

To put this in perspective, you can do charge iphone 13 approx 8.5 times Switch off this power bank at full capacity. This is a lot of Candy Crush. The power bank is $50 off its normal price right now, so act fast before it’s gone.

This power bank can prove to be a boon for campers or anyone worried about the power grid going down. With extreme weather events becoming more common and heat waves straining the city’s electrical grid, we’ve been writing a lot about these kinds of power stations, emergency kits and solar chargers. If you don’t want to worry about losing power in an emergency, power up with this Amazon deal-of-the-day:

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Why Mrigab Solar Power Bank is a Big Deal

Obviously, the main appeal here is potential. 42,800mAh is a whopping amount of charge, and it uses a high-capacity battery to maintain this level without adding much extra weight. After all, no one wants a battery pack that weighs as much as a Tesla battery. However, it is worth highlighting the great value offered by this power bank:

  • Originally $80, Now Only $30
  • Get 63% Off On Its Original Price
  • $50. instant savings of
  • Free Shipping for Prime Members

The power bank itself is IP67 weather-resistant, so it can keep you running even in inclement weather. It’s also drop-proof, so even the most clumsy of you can use it without worry. It has over 1,600 charging cycles (in other words, about 68,480,000mAh of charge in total).

There’s also a built-in 680 lumen flashlight that can last up to 100 hours on a single charge, in case you need to have something plugged in during the night.

The solar charger is compatible with all USB devices and has two output ports. The charger also supports fast charging protocol!

Not only this, this power bank is made for outdoor use. It’s a great companion for a camping trip where you want to keep your devices charged, and even if you use up a lot of its stored charge, you can just put it in the sun and let the solar panels do their job. can. According to users, it takes about two days of sunlight for the device to be fully charged.

It offers a tremendous value for just $30, making it a deal you don’t want to let slip.

solar power bank

Courtesy of Amazon

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