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Outlander season 7 premiere date: Paired with a trailer?

Outlander season 6As so many of you know at this point, we are very-much eager to get an Outlander season 7 premiere date as early as we possibly can. How could we not? This is a show that has really defined a generation at Starz, and it’s also one that they profit from significantly. There is no other way of dancing around it.

Unfortunately, we recognize already that the show (or at least the first half of it) won’t be coming back on the air until we get around to the summer. We hope that it could be coming back in June in particular, but there is no confirmation of that! When the dust settles, we are really just all at the mercy of whatever it is that the network decides.

So what could the folks at Starz do to create a massive amount of buzz for the season, no matter when they announce it? We really think that they should consider pairing a date announcement with a trailer, even if they have not always done this in the past. There are, after all, some logical reasons to do so now!

First and foremost, we can’t just pretend that this is a brand-new show at this point — it’s not. You have to go the extra mile at this point to either recruit new viewers or get more casual fans excited about the show. Giving everyone a trailer a bit earlier, or at least a teaser or some sort of behind-the-scenes featurette, is a good way to do that. It would also help to ease such a long Droughtlander, given that by the time the show comes back, more than a year will have passed since the end of season 6. That’s a really long break!

For now, the odds of Starz doing this are reasonably low, at least when it comes to a lengthy trailer. A teaser, or a date announcement / key art reveal, is a little more likely. We would say to keep your eyes peeled around April or May for something substantial; if we get a date before that, consider it a happy miracle.

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Do you think that we are going to get an Outlander season 7 premiere date at the same time as a trailer?

Be sure to let us know in the comments! Once you do just that, be sure to come back for other updates that you do not want to miss. (Photo: Starz.)



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