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Outlast’ Season 1 Filming Location — Everything You Need to Know

In typical survival show fashion, the Netflix series Outlast dropped 16 individuals into a harsh and unforgiving filming location to see how long they could last. Competitors dealt with freezing temperatures, lack of food, and injuries as they competed for a $1 million prize. So where exactly was Outlast filmed, and why was this spot chosen?

Seth Lueker, Nick Radner and Paul Preece in Episode 8 of ‘Outlast’ | Netflix

Where was the Netflix show ‘Outlast’ filmed?

Producers dropped Outlast contestants off along the Neka River in Juneau, Alaska. The Neka River is located on Chichagof Island, a spot that has the highest population of brown bears per square mile in the world. “The brown bears of Alaska aren’t just prominent here… they’re prevalent,” the narrator explains in episode 1.



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