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Panic as new tremor felt again in Marrakech while rescuers dig for survivors in the rubble


According to Al Jazeera, tremors with a magnitude of 4.5 were felt by witnesses as rescuers persisted in their search for survivors amid the rubble.

“We felt the ground moving,” said Khadijah Satou, a resident of the city, in an interview with Al Jazeera.

“No damage, but it’s highly noticeable,” she added.

In the early hours of today, the Interior Ministry also revealed that 2,012 people have tragically lost their lives, and another 2,059 have been injured, with 1,404 in critical condition.

According to the Red Cross, the damage caused by the earthquake could take several years to repair.

“This will not be a response lasting just a week or two, as our region experienced during the major Syria/Türkiye earthquake.

Again, we are looking at many months, if not several years, of response,” said Hossam Elsharkawi, the Red Cross Middle East and North Africa director.

Friday’s magnitude 6.8 earthquake was centred in the High Atlas region, with the epicentre located in the Ighil area, approximately 40 miles (70km) south of Marrakech.

Those left homeless by the destruction of Friday night’s earthquake had to spend Saturday sleeping outside in the streets of the ancient city of Marrakech or under makeshift canopies in Atlas Mountain towns like Moulay Brahim, which were among the hardest-hit areas.

The worst destruction is concentrated in small, rural communities that are challenging for rescuers to reach due to the mountainous terrain.