Panic As Qatar Based Kenyan Woman Attacks Nigerian Lover And Chops Off His Manhood

Africa diaspora community in Qatar is crying foul after a Kenyan woman violently attacked Nigerian lover chopping off his p3nis.

Photos shared by the Africa diaspora community in Qatar shows the man’s penis was almost completely severed.

The woman is said to have fled after attacking the Nigerian, the man was rushed to Ahmad Medical Center in Doha where he is said to be in a stable condition.

According to information by the Africa diaspora community in Qatar, police have launched a massive manhunt for the Kenyan fugitive.

Some members of Africa diaspora community in Qatar who spoke to Sonko News lamented that the woman has soiled the reputation of Kenyans in the gulf nation.

According to another Qatar based Kenyan man, some Kenyan women run brothels in Doha which offers service to African diaspora community in Qatar.

The man who spoke on condition of anonymity said that the Kenyan women who run prostitution ring in Doha prefer Nigerian men because they pay more.

The man further disclosed that the Kenyan woman who chopped the penis of a Nigerian client clashed over payment.

This is not the first incident involving a Kenyan woman in diaspora chopping off a man’s penis. In 2018 Grace Miano made headlines across the globe when she attacked her Malawian lover Limbani Mzoma in Dublin, Ireland.

Grace Miano, who was 50 at the time, attacked and killed 27-year-old Malawian lover Limbani Mzoma at their apartment in Dublin.

According to Dublin Live, autopsy report revealed that some of the victim’s body parts including his penis, testicles and eyelids were hacked off during the violent attack.

Cases of women chopping off their lover’s manhood are also rife in Kenya – especially in Nyeri county where most cases have been reported.

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