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Peacock's The Continental Will Plunge John Wick Fans Into The Inner Workings Of The Infamous Hotel

One of the great things about the “John Wick” franchise is how it introduces concepts to the assassin’s world so effortlessly, without ever feeling the need to bog the movie down in exposition. And it’s a safe bet “The Continental” will provide even more details to the franchise that strengthen the story we’ve seen so far. 

Erica Lee spoke about the thought process behind the show and the discussions about whether to make it set in the present day or focus on something in the past. Ultimately, they decided on a prequel series that allowed them the opportunity to expand upon the rules and foundation of this world of assassins. She explained, “We give so little about each character and about the hotel in each movie that I think people were really excited to learn more and dig deeper into The Continental like, what does the cleaner there look like? What is the staff like? How do you get into The Continental? How are the gold coins made? So, with this timeline and this setting, we’re allowed to do a really deep dive into that and explore a lot of that stuff.”

In the interview, she also revealed that the series would be comprised of three 90-minute episodes, so it’ll be like getting three mini “John Wick” movies. And it’s coming a lot sooner than one might think. Lee teased the series will debut on Peacock “in September.”



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