PETA’s Controversial Claim: Are Chickens Really the Modern Relatives of T-Rex Dinosaurs?

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PETA’s Twitter post recently grabbed everyone’s attention after it called chickens and T-Rex dinosaurs related to each other. Well, it might sound funny or shocking for many of you to know about their connection. But PETA’s post has definitely stirred a debate on its post related to chickens and T-Rex. Are they really connected though?

Read ahead to know more about if chickens are related to T-Rex dinosaurs.

PETA’s Twitter post shows chickens and T-Rex dinosaurs related to one another

PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been an organization protecting animals worldwide. While the organisation is active on social media to create awareness of how to treat animals. Recently too on Dinosaur Day, PETA shared a meme that has stirred a debate on social media.

In the shared meme, PETA had both chickens and T-Rex dinosaurs shown related to each other. The meme said, “If you wouldn’t eat a T-Rex, don’t eat a chicken”. Post this viral meme, everyone has been reacting on social media.

Are chickens related to T-Rex dinosaurs?

Chickens and T-Rex dinosaurs have been shown connected to each other in a recent post of PETA. Ever since then, users have been trying to find out the reason behind the same. Well, it’s all because of the fact that both chickens and T-Rex dinosaurs are believed to be having common ancestors.

Hence, in one way you can consider chickens to be the descendants of the dinosaurs. A report from Harvard University in 2008 found a link between T-Rex dinosaurs and chickens. Chickens are thus taken to be the closest descendants of the T-Rex dinosaurs.

Netizens react to the viral meme of PETA

After netizens came across the viral meme by PETA on chickens and T-Rex dinosaurs. Many of them have been shocked to see their connection with each other. A debate began after the viral meme took the center spot on the internet. Some of them however went on to take a hilarious dig at the meme.

One of the users on Twitter wrote “Mmmm….Sweet and sour T-Rex with a side of salt and pepper raptor wings”. Another user wrote, “If that T-Rex taste anything like chicken his a** is ate”. Some even shared memes about chickens being related to T-Rex dinosaurs on social media too.

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