Phone Comparisons: Huawei Pura 70 Ultra vs HONOR Magic6 Pro


Huawei and HONOR were once the same company. HONOR was owned by Huawei. That’s no longer the case, and it hasn’t been for quite some time, mainly due to the US ban. HONOR is doing its own thing now, and it’s actually striving. Its position in the market is great, and it’s constantly improving. Both companies released very interesting flagship smartphones this year. We’re here to compare those phones, the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra vs HONOR Magic6 Pro.

These two devices are quite different. That goes for both its design and its internals, amongst other things. We’ll start things off by listing the specifications of both smartphones. Following that, we’ll check out their designs, displays, performance, battery life, cameras, and audio output. With that being said, let’s get to it, shall we?


Huawei Pura 70 Ultra vs HONOR Magic6 Pro, respectively

Screen size:
6.8-inch LTPO OLED display (flat, adaptive 120Hz, HDR, 2,500 nits max brightness)
6.8-inch LTPO OLED display (curved, 120Hz LTPO, HDR, 5,000 nits)
Display resolution:
2844 x 1260
2800 x 1280
Huawei Kirin 9010
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
512GB/1TB (UFS 4.0)
256GB/512GB (UFS 4.0)
Rear cameras:
50MP (f/1.6-f/4.0 variable aperture, 23mm lens, 1-inch type sensor, sensor-shift OIS, PDAF, retractable lens), 40MP (ultrawide, f/2.2 aperture, 13mm lens), 50MP (telemacro, f/2.1 aperture, 90mm lens, 3.5x optical zoom, OIS, PDAF, 5cm macro)
50MP (wide, f/1.4-f/2.0 aperture, OIS, PDAF, Laser AF, 23mm lens), 50MP (ultrawide, f/2.0 aperture, 122-degree FoV, 13mm lens), 180MP (periscope telephoto, f/2.6 aperture, 2.5x optical zoom, OIS, PDAF)
Front cameras:
13MP (wide, f/2.4 aperture, autofocus)
50MP (f/2.0 aperture, 22mm lens), ToF 3D camera
100W wired, 80W wireless, 20W reverse wireless, 18W reverse wired (charger included)
80W wired, 66W wireless, reverse wireless, reverse wired (charger not included)
162.6 x 75.1 x 8.4mm
162.5 x 75.8 x 8.9mm
226 grams
225/229 grams
5G (only China), LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5.2
5G, LTE, NFC, Wi-Fi, USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5.3
In-display fingerprint scanner & facial scanning
In-display fingerprint scanner (optical) & 3D facial scanning
Android 12 with EMUI 14
Android 14 with MagicOS 8.0
Huawei Pura 70 Ultra (Amazon)
HONOR Magic6 Pro (HONOR)

Huawei Pura 70 Ultra vs HONOR Magic6 Pro: Design

The frame on both smartphones is made out of aluminum. The Huawei Pura 70 Ultra has vegan leather on its back, while the HONOR Magic6 Pro comes with either a glass backplate or a vegan leather backplate. You can see that both phones have similar curves on their corners. The Huawei Pura 70 Ultra has a flat display with a centered display camera hole. There is quad-curved glass on top of its display, though. That gives it a rather special feel. The HONOR Magic6 Pro, on the flip side, has a curved display, and a pill-shaped cutout.

The backplate on both smartphones is proportional to the front on both smartphones. That means that the one on the Pura 70 Ultra is also quad-curved. The one on the Magic6 Pro curves towards the sides. Both smartphones are very comfortable to use, actually. We’ve used vegan leather variants of both phones, and they are quite grippy too, compared to glass phones. It’s worth noting that the quad-curved design of the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra is a bit more comfortable in comparison. It’s also different than anything else out there.

Both smartphones include physical keys on the right-hand side. Their positioning is also similar. You’ll notice that the two devices have rather unique-looking camera islands on the back. The one on the Pura 70 Ultra is located in the top-left corner, and it has an interesting shape. The HONOR Magic6 Pro has three cameras too, and its camera island is centered in the top portion of the phone’s backplate. It is also easily recognizable, and it is not exactly a perfect circle.

The two phones have the same display sizes, while they’re almost identical in terms of height. The HONOR Magic6 Pro is ever so slightly wider, and 0.5mm thicker. The difference between them is a couple of grams, when it comes to weight, it all depends on the model we’re talking about. They do feel very similar in the hand in terms of weight, though. Both devices also offer an IP68 certification for water and dust resistance.

Huawei Pura 70 Ultra vs HONOR Magic6 Pro: Display

The Huawei Pura 70 Ultra has a 6.8-inch 2844 x 1260 LTPO OLED display. That display is flat, and it supports an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz. It can project up to 1 billion colors, and it supports HDR content. The peak brightness of this panel is at 2,500 nits. The screen-to-body ratio is at around 89%, while this display is protected by the Kunlun Glass (Basalt-tempered), which has proven itself a number of times thus far.

AH HONOR Magic6 Pro MagicOS 8 0 image 13AH HONOR Magic6 Pro MagicOS 8 0 image 13
HONOR Magic6 Pro

The HONOR Magic6 Pro, on the flip side, has a 6.8-inch 2800 x 1280 LTPO OLED display. This panel is curved, and it also has an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz. This panel can project up to 1 billion colors, and it supports Dolby Vision. HDR content is also supported here, while the display can reach a theoretical 5,000 nits of brightness at its peak. In reality, it’s closer to what the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra offers. The display aspect ratio is 19.5:9, while the screen-to-body ratio is at around 91%. The NanoCrystal Shield protection is included on the front.

Both of these panels are outstanding. They not only offer great viewing angles, but they’re plenty sharp, and offer vivid colors. The touch response is great on both, while the blacks are also deep. Both panels also get more than bright enough in all situations, even though the HONOR Magic6 Pro can get a bit brighter. You won’t be missing brightness on the Pura 70 Ultra, that’s for sure. These panels are basically on the same level, and both offer great protection too.

Huawei Pura 70 Ultra vs HONOR Magic6 Pro: Performance

The Kirin 9010 is fueling the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra. That is Huawei’s very own 7nm processor. Huawei also included 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM inside of this phone. The device uses UFS 4.0 flash storage. On the other hand, the HONOR Magic6 Pro is fueled by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, a 4nm chip. HONOR opted to include up to 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM here, and UFS 4.0 flash storage.

Needless to say, the chip inside the HONOR Magic6 Pro is considerably more powerful. Huawei is limited by the US ban in that regard, but don’t worry, the Kirin 9010 has been greatly optimized, and it works great for the Pura 70 Ultra. In fact, just by using the device, for regular things, you would never have guessed that the sheer power difference in those two chips is so high. They both offer smooth performance. They’re great for multitasking, multimedia consumption, browsing, and everything else you can think of.

You will start seeing a difference in the gaming department if you like to play graphically demanding games. That’s where the HONOR Magic6 Pro starts to pull ahead, as its chip is simply more powerful. Everything other than extremely demanding games, and both phones will do just fine. Huawei did a great job of optimizing this phone, and properly utilizing that 7nm chip. Neither phone gets too hot during usage.

Huawei Pura 70 Ultra vs HONOR Magic6 Pro: Battery

There is a 5,200mAh battery included inside the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra. A 5,600mAh unit sits inside the HONOR Magic6 Pro. The Magic6 Pro has a larger battery pack, and here, that does reflect on actual battery life during regular use. Both phones offer really good battery life, but the HONOR Magic6 Pro does pull ahead. It is one of the best-performing smartphones in terms of battery life that we’ve tested in the last year or so.

Both smartphones are capable of crossing the 7-hour screen-on-time mark. The HONOR Magic6 Pro managed to pull over 8 hours of screen-on-time for us, though. Do note that we did not play games on those days, but did not really baby the phone either. Your mileage may vary, of course, as you’ll be using your device differently with different apps, and different signal strengths. Both phones do offer really good battery life, but the HONOR Magic6 Pro is clearly ahead in that regard.

When it comes to charging, both offer extremely fast charging and are quite versatile in that regard. There’s not a single phone out there more versatile than the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra when it comes to charging, however. The phone supports 100W wired, 80W wireless, 20W reverse wireless, and 18W reverse wired charging. It also includes a charger in the box. The HONOR Magic6 Pro supports 80W wired, 66W wireless, 5W reverse wireless, and 5W reverse wired charging. It does not ship with a charger, though.

Huawei Pura 70 Ultra vs HONOR Magic6 Pro: Cameras

Both smartphones include three cameras on the back, though their setups are quite different. The Huawei Pura 70 Ultra includes a 50-megapixel main camera (variable aperture, sensor-shift OIS, retractable lens), a 40-megapixel ultrawide unit, and a 50-megapixel periscope telephoto camera (3.5x optical zoom, macro). The HONOR Magic6 Pro has a 50-megapixel main camera (variable aperture), a 50-megapixel ultrawide camera (122-degree FoV), and a 180-megapixel pericope telephoto unit (2.5x optical zoom, macro).

AH Huawei Pura 70 Ultra image 53AH Huawei Pura 70 Ultra image 53
Huawei Pura 70 Ultra

Both phones do a fantastic job when it comes to photos, though they do provide different shots. You’ll notice that both devices like warmer tones in photos, though the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra is trying to keep it closer to real life. The Magic6 Pro photos do look more processed, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Both devices are capable of capturing photos with plenty of detail and usually do a fantastic job of balancing those shots. Their ultrawide and telephoto cameras also do a great job. You can also capture fantastic macro shots with these phones.

The performance does transfer to low light too. The main cameras will provide the best results in low light, though. Both phones do a great job in such conditions too, and keep the noise in check. Both are capable of pulling plenty of details from the shadows and controlling light sources too. The Huawei Pura 70 Ultra is possibly a bit more capable in that regard, but the difference is so small that it’s not even worth noting. Both smartphones are fantastic in terms of camera performance, across the board.


You will find a set of stereo speakers on both of these smartphones. Both sets do provide good sound output and are well-balanced. The thing is, the speakers on the HONOR Magic6 Pro are noticeably louder. That’s especially noticeable when you use them side-by-side, even though they’re just fine to listen to. They’re not too dim or anything like that.

When it comes to an audio jack, well, neither of these two phones has it. You can always use their Type-C ports for wired audio connectivity, however. The Huawei Pura 70 Ultra also supports Bluetooth 5.2, while Bluetooth 5.3 is supported by the HONOR Magic6 Pro.