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‘Physical 100’ Contestant Park Jung-ho Reveals He Watched Over Some of Korea’s Notorious Criminals

The Netflix Korean unscripted survival series Physical 100 has impressed fans with its dynamic array of contestants. Fans meet Olympic skeleton racer Sun Yung-bin and notorious MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon. Out of all the contestants of Physical 100, Park Jung-ho has one of the more unique backstories about his career. The buff corrections officer has had some of Korea’s more infamous serial killers under his watch.

Prison officer Park Jung-ho in ‘Physical 100’ | via Netflix

Park Jung-ho stands out in his prison guard uniform among the other athletes in ‘Physical 100’

One hundred contestants enter a large room full of plaster busts of their chiseled physics. While fans are blown away by Olympic athletes and UDT soldiers like Agent H on Physical 100, there is no denying Park Jung-ho had everyone’s eyes bulging. In his prison guard uniform, Park is undoubtedly one of the most impressively buff officers the contestants have ever seen.



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