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‘Physical 100’: Who Is Florian and the Non-Korean Contestants of the Competition Series?

While Netflix‘s Physical 100 brings together some of Korea’s top fitness celebrities and national athletes, there are a few non-Korean contestants in the competition. Among MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon, Olympic skeleton racer Yun Sung-bin, and other Koreans, contestants Florian, Miracle, and Dustin Nippert have proven their strength. But who are they, their Instagrams, careers, and more?

Miracle is a dancer, actor, and bodybuilder living in Korea

Among the sea of muscles in Physical 100, non-Korean contestant Miracle is a fan-favorite to go all the way. Miracle Nelson is 28 years old and currently resides in Korea. The bodybuilder has competed professionally in IFBB Elite Pro and Natural Olympia. His Instagram, @itz_mkay, reveals he is a natural bodybuilder and has impressive biceps compared to Physical 100’s Kang Min-kim.



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