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Pique, Shakira and the “Waka Waka”" of tax evasion



Pique Shakira and the Waka Wakaquot of tax evasion

We are producing sick beings to maintain what the system considers a healthy economy. Globalization, with nothing to do but making poor people, dawned in a world without borders where the neoliberal model no longer encountered any obstacles to move without complexes. The economic model of free trade is a peaceful unregulated market, stubborn in the “jibarization” of the social state, in labor flexibility, and the reduction of taxes for the wealthy classes. This under the protective shadow of the low taxation territories where they take refuge, through a very fine financial engineering, elusors and tax evaders. What the sociologist Göran Therborn defined as non-tax “faecal” havens, to “that friendly taxation of the Caymans that feeds the death camps of inequality.” That raw guilt with a double knot in the soul.

Sometimes triumph hides the darkness of restlessness. In the World Cup in South Africa, the romance of Gerard Piqué and Shakira was “officialized”. The Spanish player became world champion and the “Waka Waka” of the Colombian singer in the anthem of the contest. A phrase from the song predicted what was to come: “now we are going for everything”, she said. And what if they were. Twelve years later, the two find themselves cornered by the Ministry of Finance and the prosecution.

During these years their careers have not been without controversy. The Spanish union of the Treasury Technical Body of the Tax Agency (Gestsha) considers that part of the singer’s assets was managed by Piqué in intertwined operations of opaque fiscal transparency, through shell companies aimed at tax evasion in the tax haven from Andorra. The soccer player would have diversified the couple’s investments through his company Kosmos Global Holding, 90% owner of the Andorra Football Club and main promoter of the Davis Cup tennis.

The Holding leads the football project through a sports limited company covered by the new Sports Law of the Andorran country. Just a few weeks ago, the Barcelona Court dismissed the singer’s last appeal, and confirmed the judicial order that concludes that there are indications of fraud to the Public Treasury worth 14.5 million euros. According to the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 2 of Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona), Shakira faces six fiscal crimes that can cause her to be imprisoned. Voices close to the prosecution consider that the acquisition of the soccer team would be behind an alleged money laundering and tax evasion.

The Spanish Tax Agency imposed a fine of 2.1 million euros on the “Blaugrana” player for tax evasion, for his image rights. In December 2021, the Supreme Court annulled the formal defect requirement. In recent months Piqué was involved in a serious scandal with the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, for some audios in which he was pointed out for receiving a commission of 4 million euros for moving the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia. It is unusual for an active player to do business as an intermediary with the president of a Federation, what Max Weber called “the ethical irrationality of the world”.

We already live in a world without texture, in that admirable human ability to build inequalities. A tired world, with the same tiredness as a newborn, where decency and commitment is a choice every morning. A world that breathes upside down, and seems to treasure a desolate endemic misfortune.



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